New work going back to L.A.

I have new work headed to North Hollywood. My old friend Philip D’Amour (fellow actor) will have my painting on display in his Vintage furniture shop, Old 55. This is very exciting!

Old 55
2120 Colorado Blvd.Suite #1
Los Angeles, CA 90041

New abstract piece, inspired by love.

New abstract piece, inspired by love.

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Cactus Bunnies 2011

Ongoing series that originated in 2006 in Los Angeles, California

Bunnies, Cactus, Desert, Art

The new series of bunnies with Piet Mondrian in mind

bunny scan eleven web scan

bunny scan ten for web

bunny scan twelve web

facebook web scan

facebook web scan 2

Gallery 11 bunny scan nine web copy

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In my time in Orange County, among the amazing individuals that I met was Megan Boatman.  We also worked together at Aaron Brothers in Irvine, California.  As I usually am very shy when I am around new people, Megan was very welcoming and friendly when I started as a new employee.  As I got to know her, I learned that she was a student at the Art Institute specializing in graphic and web design.

In a conversation about our artistic pursuits, Megan came to discover that I needed a new website for my art.  She took the opportunity to offer making my site to use a part of her portfolio for school.  Very excited, I welcomed the idea and as a result I have an amazing site by a very talented individual (

In the process of creating the website, I had ideas in my head about what I wanted.  Not knowing that the process was complicated Megan steered me in a direction that allowed for a more artistic and user friendly page.  In the developmental stages, I was confident in Megan’s ability to design an excellent site and gave her room for her own artistic expression.  As a result, I have a very unique site that truly acts as an online art gallery.  The simplicity of the site allows the viewer to do what they are meant to do and that is view and focus on the art.

Each piece comes through on an automatic slide show that can be paused at anytime for longer viewing.  Art pieces are also displayed, such that, they can be enjoyed on an individual basis.  The site itself is very true to the art and I am very proud to have Megan as the one who designed it, it’s truly top notch!

Megan has finally graduated from her school and is beginning her bright future as a web designer.  She just became employed with an Orange County Web company, and has recently set up her own website.  On her site you can see all of her current skills and talents.  She also has an extensive portfolio featuring my website as well.

You can contact Megan through her new site at:

I have all the faith in Megan to be highly successful.  She is well on her way.  If you need any work I highly recommend Megan Boatman!!

Please keep reading there’s a lot more to come!!!


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Shanna Praggastis




My time in Southern California was a very special journey.  Despite the hardships, I was blessed in several ways.  One of those was that I met a very special person who I now consider to be one of my best friends.  Like family, wildlife artist Shanna Praggastis, has been a huge source of inspiration in my life.

I met Shanna at my old work place Aaron Brothers.  She was working as the assistant manager and framer for the Irvine store.  It took a while before we became friends but I knew that we would get along.

Shanna with Joey

As we became closer, I found out how truly talented she was in the visual arts.  Her love for animals has inspired her to become a wildlife artist.  Working mainly in acrylic paint, Shanna can truly capture the beauty and fine detail of her subject matter.  She has taken classes from the famous wildlife artist Daniel Smith, and it was through this experience that she has become such an expert on detail.

One of my favorite things to do is to look at art with Shanna.  As we walk through a gallery we look intensely at every painting noticing every artistic detail and possible approach to the work.  Questions we ask are what brushes did they use? What media, and how would you handle a project like this.

As fellow artists, Shanna and I have the same dreams and goals.  We both want to succeed as artists because it is our passion.  Our goals are to focus on our careers and to take steps towards them.  So far, under the circumstances we are doing quite well.

Even though Shanna is currently living in Northern California, we are still keeping track of one another and making sure we keep to the plan!  Shanna has a website where you can preview her work. She also has limited edition prints that you can purchase by contacting her personally.

Northern Shovelers

The Northern Shovelers, is one such print available for sale.  The Size is: 12″ x 16″, and it’s a giclee on canvas (limited edition, 150 numbered and hand signed) this print is only 95.00 and is printed by Art on Giclee, an Orange County printing company that does excellent quality work.

Sherman, another favorite, is a beautiful portrait of a horse done in pencil.  This print on paper is also available in 12″ x 16″ (limited edition, 150 numbered and hand signed)for only $70.


She also does commission work, as a former gallery owner she has worked with several clients in the Nevada area doing commissions.  If you are interested in capturing the spirit of an animal that is dear to your heart then I highly recommend her for a personalized portrait of your pet.

Shanna can be contacted by email or phone, if you would like to inquire about some art work by Shanna please call her at (949) 375 – 8445, or email her at  Please visit her website at

I am very proud of where we are in our lives so far.  I know that together we can do something great!  Please look into her work you won’t be disappointed!!

There’s more to come please keep reading!!!

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The Pleasure of the Arts

Lucia Angela Perez by Megan's Trees

Opening night at the Agave Rosa Gallery was a huge success.  Nervous at first, I walked into the gallery amazed at the final result of all the hard work put into renovating the new space.  I wasn’t alone, I had the support of my father Roberto PerezDiaz who can charm any crowd.  On Friday, the 16th of September, I was required to attend the VIP reception for gallery owner Martha Arzabala, who invited several of her important connections in the El Paso area.

To my surprise there was a huge crowd more than thirty people came in support of the gallery.  It was a fantastic night, and I actually had some success.  I sold two paintings and I was also told by Martha that I was her new artist in residence.  I was so excited with the news because I now have exclusive representation.

Martha Arzabala

As the night progressed, Martha graciously spoke of all of the artists in the show.  Among them are Victor Barajas, Phillip Howard (fellow artist in residence), and Manuel Pina.

The show was not limited to painting but also included several unique pieces of jewelry, ceramics, bronze sculptures, and photography.

A talented artist herself, Martha, featured some of her latest horse portraits that captivated me immensely.  Her whimsical yet powerful approach brought forth imagery that left me breathless.  Alessandro, below, was the true star of the night for me.  I was impressed by how well she captured the feeling of weakness, and powerlessness that comes through the image.


In person, this image is alive with a variety of textures, lines, and even powdery glitter that brightens the surface in several different areas.

Overall, the night was a huge success.  I was honored to be a part of the event, and now a permanent part of this gallery.  I am looking forward to exploring different medias as a result of being a part of Agave Rosa.  I am contemplating getting back to printmaking as I used to love to make prints in college.  I am excited for what the future holds for me as I am officially beginning my artistic path here in El Paso, Texas.  There is a lot more to come!!!!! Please follow along!!

Victor Barajas

Phillip Howard

Manuel Pina

Front Room




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Agave Rosa Gallery

Agave Rosa Gallery

Exciting things are happening here in El Paso, Texas.  Thanks to photographer Victor Barajas ( I met local artist and entrepenuer, Martha Arzabala who decided to branch off on her own and start her own gallery.

In her quest to find local artists, our paths crossed, and now I am going to be included in a month long show that will officially open her doors.  After months and months, of major changes, a renewed focus on my art career, and getting serious about business, this wonderful opportunity has come along.

Martha, is a very passionate woman.  Extremely talented herself, she has a passion for painting horses in very rich bright oils.  She loves to work her canvas with palette knives and paint medias, making her work pop to pull viewers in.

New work by Martha Arzabala

She is not limited to oils she also works in several medias.  Her recent discovery of glitter has her creating new pieces that are not only sculptural but super sparkly.

Artistic diversity is what Martha is looking for in her artists.  Her intention is to bring a huge variety of work to the gallery for her clients to enjoy.

She is open to several different styles, but mostly, she is looking for quality work to present to the public.

The show will open to the public on Saturday the 17th of December, a week before Christmas.  If you are in the El Paso, Texas area, I hope you will swing by to buy some quality art.  Show information is available below: will be updated soon please stay posted!!!


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Traveling Illustrations

By Elida S. Perez

A collaboration between an artist whose life was cut short by cancer and her daughter is part of a Latino art exhibit traveling to museums around the country.

Three paintings from “Little Gold Star” by Joe Hayes, a book illustrated by the late Gloria Perez and her daughter Lucia Perez, were selected to be a part of Latino Folk Tales: Cuentos Populares. The traveling exhibit features original illustrations by 10 award-winning artists from bilingual Latino folk tales published in children’s picture books.

The illustrations were collected from stories of Spanish speaking regions including New Mexico, Puerto Rico and Central and South America.

When Gloria Perez was approached by Cinco Puntos Press to illustrate Little Gold Star, she had been battling ovarian cancer for a few years. She agreed to begin the project, but knew there was a chance she would not be able to complete it.

Lucia Perez said she and her mother painted the fourth illustration together. They presented the piece to the publishers and after Lucia Perez painted the fifth illustration on her own, they asked her to finish the project.

Of the series of 14, Gloria Perez painted the first three on her own. She and her daughter painted one together and Lucia Perez completed the work.

Gloria Perez succumbed to her disease in 1999, less than a year after beginning the project. Both of their names are on the cover of “Little Gold Star” which published the same year.

“I was proud of the fact that my mom and I were collaborating again in a way,” Lucia Perez said of being a part of the exhibit.

The exhibit, curated by Sylvia Nissley and part of the Smith Kramer Traveling Exhibits, is currently showing at the Museum of Texas Tech University until Feb. 5, 2012.

The tour schedule, including three illustrations from “Little Gold Star” by Joe Hayes, has begun and is currently in Lubbock. The tour will continue to travel around the country until 2015.


Latino Folk Tales: Cuentos Populares

Art by Latino Artists

Curated by Sylvia Nissley

Tour Schedule

Museum of Texas Tech University

PO Box 43191

Lubbock, TX  79409-3191

November 27, 2011-February 5, 2012

Contact:           Denise Newsome

Phone:             806-742-2462


Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts,

Stedman Gallery

314 Linden Street

Camden, NJ  08102

March 4-May 13, 2012

Contact:           Nancy Maguire

Phone:             856-225-6245


Las Cruces Museum of Art

490 N. Water

Las Cruces, New Mexico  88001

September 16-November 25, 2012

Contact:           Lisa Pugh

Phone:             575-541-2159


The Carle Museum

125 West Bay Road

Amherst, MA  01002

March 5-June 9, 2013

Contact:           Heidi O’Neill

Phone:             413-658-1120


Waukesha County Historical Society and Museum

101 West Main Street

Waukesha. WI 53186-4811

July 7-September 15, 2013

Contact:          Elisabeth Engel

Phone:             262-521-2859, x225


Heard Museum

2301 N. Central Avenue

Phoenix, AZ  85004-1480

October 10, 2013-January 5, 2014

Contact:           Ann Marshall

Director of Collections

Phone:             602-251-0249


Michelson Museum of Art

216 N. Bolivar

Marshall, TX  75671

January 19-March 30, 2014

Contact:           Susan Spears


Phone:             903-935-9480


Lowe Art Museum,

University of Miami

1301 Stanford Drive

Coral Gables, FL  33124-6310

November 7, 2014-January 18, 2015

Contact:           Denise Gerson

Phone:             305-284-5422

Organizer: Sylvia Nissley

2940 Valley Forge Street

Sarasota, FL 34231

Phone: 941-922-3648



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Glasbox, El Paso, Texas


On my day off from work, it was my mission to take another step towards my art career.  Based on a lead given to me by my new found friends from the OLO Gallery here in El Paso, I headed over to the Glasbox Gallery to talk about potentially showing some art in a new space.  Owner and founder Chris and Katrina Bevins, graciously took time out of their day to give me a tour of the facility.

The Glasbox is located in the downtown area of El Paso, at 1500 Texas Street on the second floor of the Texas Fabrics & Foam building.  The gallery maintains regular hours where anyone can come to see the space.

To my surprise, the space is set up to serve several purposes.  The first, is to create an affordable environment for artists to come and work on their own art.  For a minimal monthly fee, local El Paso artists can use the studios to commune, be inspired, and work on their projects, very reminiscent of the days at the University.  The building is equipped with a bathroom, full service kitchen, exercise room, WIFI, wood shop, a welding room, and most importantly a huge gallery space any artist would dream of displaying in.

On the tour, I came across two screen printing businesses, and an online vintage clothing store running their shops from the studio spaces.

I was fairly impressed with concept, I felt a lot of passion from Katrina as she took me around this amazing labyrinth of an art space.

Chris is currently playing with different ideas about how to use the gallery space in collaboration with local artists.  He mentioned choosing about fifteen local artists and allowing them to use part of the gallery to display and rotate their art over a period of time.  The goal would be to promote the artists and bring in more potential buyers.  Hopefully, by the beginning of the year he will have it figured out.  It will be interesting to see the outcome, and how it will benefit the art community.

View of Texas Street from the lounge area

In the meantime, a sense of community is encouraged at Glasbox.  Artists sign up to teach classes, and as always the space is in a constant state of evolution according to the owners.

If you have an interest in knowing more you can check them out on Facebook or check out the website!!  Hope this is helpful……

Check out my website and stay with me as I bring you more great information about the local art community!!
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I’m Back




So it has been a few months since I’ve written on my blog.  There have been several changes taking place in my life.  My first change is that I am no longer in Southern California.  I am happily settling into my life here in Texas.

I am very surprised because I never thought that I would be so happy in the short time that I have been here.  I have more friends than I ever had in Cali, I am a lot more active and healthy.  I am also able to think more clearly and become more aligned with my artistic goals.

I have taken a huge time out to sort through a bad breakup and now I am ready to go forward with my life.  I had forgotten how draining breakups can be.  I felt like I was drowning in quick sand for a good while there, but after coming to several realizations I know that it’s time to let go.

So my new journey in Texas has begun and I am very ready to report all of the changes taking place.  Stick with me it’s going to be interesting!!

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Art Stays in Southern California

I recently wrote about my upcoming move to Texas, so I went by to talk to the owner of Vietnam’s Pearl to let him know.  He was very supportive and asked me if I was going to take my art with me.  I told him that I could, but that I would love to leave it if it was OK with him.

He happily agreed to continue to do business with me, and even told me to bring as much art as I wanted.  Now, some might wonder if that is a good idea, being that I am going to be so far away, but I have to believe that if I’m going to get noticed that I have to take the chance.

The business owner has been there for many years, and has helped artists in the past.  His own passion for art and helping other artists, has created a relationship with a feeling of trust.  I am also glad that I could potentially return to the area, to visit.

As I also understand the nature of an art sale is that, art needs time and exposure, like fine wine.  People have to connect with a piece of art before the invest in it.  People also need time to think about it in these times.  Sometimes its better to give them the time to think so that they can feel sure and good about their purchase.

If you would like to see the work at Vietnam’s Pearl please visit them at:

1215 Baker Street #B

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Ask Patrick for a price list, for the art.


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