Pink Soap

I recently came across another brush cleaner that I was curious about so I got a bottle to give it a try.  This product is called Pink Soap by a company called Mona Lisa Art Products.  You can find this product just about anywhere, I happened to find it Aaron Brothers and the price ranges from 5.99 to 11.00 dollars retail. 

Now I mainly work in acrylic with about one semester’s worth of experience with oil paints, and the products that you need to work with oils.  So I will let you know in advance that I experiment with the acrylic paints to get a feel for how well a product works, or doesn’t.  According to the Dick Blick website if you are working in oil paints, you can use the Pink Soap on a paintbrush after cleaning it with a solvent.  You take a small amount of the soap and apply it to the bristles and rinse it with water.  If the soap does not retain its pink color repeat the steps until the the soap rinses off pink.

My first experiment was to try to remove very old paint from my brushes.  I applied a small amount of pink soap to a shallow lid and added a small amount of water to the mix.  I found that working the brush back and forth against the bottom of the lid would help gradually break up and remove old paint.  After I was satisfied with the cleanliness of the brush, I rinsed it out for a few seconds under running water until all of the pink soap was completely removed.  

The next step was to take a paintbrush, work some red paint into it and then wash it with the pink soap.  Repeating the steps from above, the soap came out quite easily and completely.  Since there was more of a saturation of paint in the brush it took a little bit longer for the brush to completely clean, however the brush was left like new. 

The pink soap doesnt have any harsh chemicals, and the product makers were thoughtful to add a nice mild fragrance as well.  Some sights claim that the soap will also remove paint from clothing and fabric.  That will be our next experiment!!!!!!

Have fun with it!!!

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