Pom Poms and Pipe Cleaners

I remember using pom poms and pipe cleaners when I was as young as six years old.  I would think that they would go out of style by now, but wrong again.  My daughters decided to do a gift exchange for themselves, just recently, and on one of the lists was pom poms and pipe cleaners (chenille stems).  My daughter Gloria told me that her sister loved them and that she wanted to give them to her for her birthday.

I took her too the local craft store Hobby Lobby and I found a brand called Tree House Studio, the only brand they carried of stems and Pom poms.  They were very reasonably priced, a pack of 12 stems (15mm x 12″) was priced at .77 cents per pack.  We got lucky and went on a day that they were on sale at 50% off so we hit the jack pot.  They had an amazing variety of colors and thicknesses.  We also loaded up on the little plastic buggy eyes that you can glue on to make faces.

After the girls exchanged gifts they didn’t waste any time whatsoever and got to work making all kinds of creations.  We set up a work area, as usual, with a protective covering, and got some supplies.  We dumped everything into a plastic tupperware container, to make it easy to access. Then we got some glue, wire cutters, and scissors for the girls to put everything together.

The great thing about this activity was that they spent several hours making things.  They were very focused and very imaginative with everything that they made.  I highly recommend this activity for children ages six and up.  They can spend hours on this activity.

Have fun with it!

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Created by Lucia Perez

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