Foil Glitter Flock Adhesive Rub on Kits

In my quest for interesting products to experiment with I decided to try a product that I hadn’t  seen before called Foil Glitter Flock by a company called We R Memory Keepers This company specializes in scrapbooking products.  Their website offers ideas for interesting crafting projects that involve photograph embellishment, bookmaking and more.  This product can be found at your local arts and crafts stores, in my case, I found it at Aaron Brothers and it retailed at 9.99. 

I have used rub ons before but never like the ones I decided to work with here.  This product comes with a variety of sheets from foil and glitter, to a bright color that’s flock.  Then in a separate package, they give you a variety of imagery and lettering on two long sheets that are adhesive on both sides.  The concept is to take an image and rub it onto your working surface, whether it be a card, a paper, or anything thats intended for decoration.  Then you can choose a foil, glitter, or flock sheet to rub onto the adhesive side.

The concept seems fairly simple so I decided to take some of my tissue paper creations from the previous article to decorate with some foil and glitter.

You are going to need some scissors, a surface to work on such as decorative paper, or a blank card, and the packet of foil, glitter, and flock. 

The packet comes with a small wooden popsicle stick, this you will need to rub on the image and the foil.  If you lose it, you can substitute it with a pen (be sure you have a lid on it).

The next step is to decide what look you are going for.  I decided to use the word “BLISS” rub on for this project.

Then take your pair of scissors, and very carefully cut around the word.  This part can be very tricky because if you’re not careful you can remove the surrounding stickers just by touching them.  You can also cut edges off of other stickers. 

Next place the image where you would like it on your card or paper.  Be sure that the sticky side is down.  Then take your popsicle stick and rub the entire image very well.  You want to be sure that the entire image adheres to the surface of the paper.  Once you are finished rubbing remove the plastic.

The next step is to decide what you want to use to adhere to the image.  For my project I decided to use a green glitter to match the colors in the flower. 

Take the sheet and cut out a piece large enough to fit on the entire image that has just been adhered to the paper.  Once you have cut it out place it directly on top of the image. 

For the glitter sheets you want the shiny side of the sheet facing up.  Once you’ve placed it over the image rub the glitter firmly over the entire surface. 

For this step you may want to use both hands, one to hold the glitter sheet down and the other to rub the glitter in.  I noticed that the sheets, if not held in place shift around. 

Lift the glitter sheet, and VOILA, your image should be nicely in place.

Although, the concept of this product seems fun, with many pros, I felt that there were a few cons.  First, for the amount of foil, glitter, and flock sheets that come in the package there doesn’t seem to be enough adhesive images to use them up.  As a result, you are left with several sheets that you cannot use.  Second,  When you are using the foil sheets the fact that they shift around so easily is quite frustrating at times.  When I am working on crafts  frustration takes away from the overall experience.  Finally, I being the perfectionist that I am, felt that I should have had a practice round before using the product on something that I was planning to keep for the long run.  Since I was using this product for the first time, I had to get the hang of it first.  If you look at rub ons in the image of the bear below, you will see that this was my first round and there were several areas where the rubs ons didn’t take too well to the paper.

If you’re going to use this product I would recommend a practice round on something that isn’t that important before you get started to get a feel for the product.    Be sure to be relaxed and in a good mental place before getting started. 

Good luck with it! 

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