Animal Tooth Fairy Pillows

When I was a very young child I remember a toothfairy pillow that my mother bought for me at a craft fair one year.  My mother was a vendor and she made it a habit to trade some of her pottery for goods and services from other vendors in order to bring us home very special gifts.

I will never forget how much I loved my toothfairy pillow.  It was quite small and made from a very satiny material, with a beautiful ruffle around the entire edge.

One day, my mother came to me and asked me if she could give my toothfairy pillow to another child as a gift.  We didn’t have a whole lot of money then and I told her that she could.  She promised me she would make me one herself.

She kept her promise and made me a new one.  It wasn’t quite like the one she got for me but I loved it all the same.

For this project, with the materials that I have around along with a suggestion that my older daughter made, I decided to make some toothfairy pillows out of felt material.  I also decided that it would be fun to make them in the shapes of different animals.

Except for a few new items, the supplies I used I already had at home.  These new items I found at my local Michaels.  The first is called Jewelry Essentials Sequins and retailed at about 3.99 a pack.  They can be used in several different ways.  One way is to decorate clothing.  For this project I decided to use them to decorate the animals heads.  The second item was a bag of variety buttons that can be used for clothing as well, they retailed at 4.99 a bag.  I decided to use them for decorative purposes.  I also bought a few small spools of embroidery yarn.  These were very inexpensive they retailed at 35 cents each.  Now that I have them I have plenty for a project in the future.   

For the supplies I already had at home I used felt material, scissors, hot glue gun, small buggy eyes, needles of various sizes, small blue glass beads, thread for sewing, ribbons of various colors, and cotton for stuffing.

This project I found to be quite simple.  I also found that it didn’t take me very long to finish the pillows.  If you decide to do this project with children it may take longer depending on the age of the child.  My daughters are now 9 yrs and 10 yrs and they love to sew.  In fact, they find it quite easy and are very coordinated while doing it.  For much younger children I may not recommend it.

The first step is to decide on an animal.  Once decided it will be necessary to cut the head out of the entire sheet of felt.  Be sure that two sheets of felt are stacked on top of one another while cutting to be sure that you have two of the exact same shapes.

The next step is fun, you have to decide how you are going to make the pocket for the tooth.  On this part you can get creative.  I decided to make an arbitrary decorative shape to serve as a pocket while enhancing the head of the rabbit. 

Next, begin to decide on how you are going to place all of the decorative elements before you start sewing everything together.

I decided to use a large green button for the eye, and a smaller red button for the nose.

Next I decided to tie a small ribbon to place on top of the rabbits brow, and I placed a variety of sequins along the ear and the head of the rabbit to brighten it up some more.  You can choose to decorate your animal however you like, it may be helpful to lay it all out before beginning to sew.

Now the rabbit is ready for sewing.  The first step is to prepare your needle and thread.  If you are familiar with that step great.  If not, take a long piece of thread and loop it through the head of the needle.  Pull it through until your ends match up and tie it in a knot.

What I do to tie the thread into a knot is loop it around my pointer finger and hold it with my thumb.  Next, I roll it off of my pointer finger with my thumb and pull it tight.  This creates a big knot on the end, and it’s enough to hold together through the felt material.

Remove everything from the head and put it in a place where it won’t get lost.  A paper plate or plastic lid may be helpful.  Next, take your first sheets of felt that you plan to use to decorate the head and begin to sew them one by one.

I started with the ear.  I placed my felt shape where I wanted it on the front and then I flipped it over while holding the pieces together and started sewing from the back.  The reason for this, is to keep your knot from showing in the front and to keep all of the stitches in the back hidden from view.

After you’re finished sewing on the back.  Go ahead and tie it off in the back.  It’s really easy just be sure you don’t accidentally tie it off in the front.

To tie it off make sure your needle and thread are on the back side of the felt sheet.  Next take your needle and push it through close to the last stitch.

Next take the leftover thread and loop it around the needle about four to five times.

Pull it through, and tighten the thread a little until the loops look like a little knot.

Cut off any excess thread and retie another knot.  If you need more thread go ahead and do so at this point in time.

After sewing on the felt pieces continue sewing on the buttons, and ribbons.

Be sure that when you sew on the pocket for the tooth that you leave the top unstitched.

Once you are ready to sew on the sequins you will have to get your beads.

Take your needle and push it through the spot where you want to place your first sequin.  Then take the sequin and put it onto the needle.  Most of the sequins have a hole in the center.  Next, take a small bead and put it on the needle over the sequin.

The beads function as a fastener since you have to push the needle back through the same hole to the other side.  Do this with every sequin that you sew onto the head.

You can tie off every sequin or you can use as much thread as possible to sew as many on as you can.  It’s up to you.

Once you are finished sewing on all of your decorative elements.  You are ready to sew the head shut and stuff with cotton.  For this part you will need your larger needles and your embroidery yarn.  Prepare your needle as you did earlier with the thread.  Hold the two matching pieces of felt together and start your stitch from the inside.

Keep in mind you are going to add a ribbon to the top so that you can hang the head if you choose to in the future.  So decide where the most middle part of the head is at the top, and have your ribbon ready as you are in the process of stitching the head together.  

When you reach a point in the stitching that you have a pocket that you can stuff take a small amount of cotton and begin to fill it.  Be sure to add just enough so that you have a little firmness.  Don’t add too much or you will have a bumps on the surface.

Continue stuffing as you go until you reach the very end.  Leave enough space so that you can tie it on the inside with a knot, or you can tie it in the back.

Last but not least take the hot glue gun and glue the eye and the butterfly with a very small amount of glue.  Don’t add too much and let the glue set.

And VOILA, you have a beautiful toothfairy pillow that you can give to your child or that you can give as a gift.  This project is fun and easy and can be done very inexpensively.

Have Fun with it!!

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