Tissue Paper Flowers

I was talking to my oldest daughter Gloria one day and I asked her what she thought might be a good idea for an art project, and one of the things that she mentioned was tissue paper flowers.

I’m proud to admit that my daughters inspire me in all of my art.  So I took her ideas to heart.  Now, I was thinking of a way to make the flowers more interesting, and I decided that I would create a wall hanging for their rooms.

The idea is quite simple and can be used for a room decoration, temporarily or permanently.

The supplies that you will need really aren’t many.  You should have most of them already.  If not, visit your local arts and crafts store and pick up some chenille stems, beads or buttons of a medium size ( be sure that the opening is a bit larger), ribbons, yarn or any kind of soft rope of your choice, tissue paper variety pack, scissors.

The first step is to create your flowers.  This step is really quite simple.  All you have to do is take a sheet of colored tissue paper and fold it several times to form a square.  As the paper is now layered, take your scissors and cut out the shape of your flower.  You can decide what shape you like the best.  I chose to keep it simple and create a basic flower shape.

Choose a different color and repeat the steps.  I chose to make this shape just a touch smaller than the first.

Once you have finished cutting your flower shapes, the next step is to layer the colors together.  Take a sheet of one color and then lay another sheet on top.  Continue this process until you have layered all of the sheets.

Take a chenille stem and poke it gently through the center of the layered flowers from the back.  Once through, gently fold over the small portion that has come through the front.  You can form it into a small round shape.  Its up to you.  The key here is to have a place holder for the flowers in the front and the back.

If you have trouble getting the chenille stem through, take a thick needle and push it through the back of the stack of tissue flowers.

Once folded in the front, you are going to take the chenille stem from the back and create a shape that will not only give the flower its form but also the support that it needs to stay in the shape of a flower.

At this point you can carefully begin to shape the flower petals.  Take one sheet at a time and gently create folds in the petals.  The idea is to give the flower body by fluffing up the layers.  Some of the sheets may tear, so take a gentle approach.  If some of the sheets tear, it will be fine. For this project you will need anywhere from three to four flowers per hanging.

Take a piece of ribbon at least a foot in length, and tie one end to the first flower from the top. You will have to tie a loop at the top of the ribbon so that you can hang it from the wall.

Tie the other end of the ribbon to the chenille stem thats been formed in the back.  This will be the top of your wall hanging.  Take another piece of ribbon so that you can connect the two flowers and tie the ribbon to the chenille stem.

From the second flower, you are going to tie another set of ribbons.  This time you are going to add two to three buttons to each ribbon.  Be sure that your buttons have holes large enough for the ribbon. 

This part can be a little trickier to do, so be patient with it.  Make sure that you insert the ribbon from the back of the button, and that you space the buttons apart evenly.

Tie these ribbons from the chenille stem in the back of the bottom flower and you are done!

Another thing you can do is add buttons to the ribbon that tie the two flowers together.

Be sure to pick buttons with lots of color.  The more variety the better!

This project is super simple and fun to do! 

If you want to decorate your room this is easy and requires very few supplies!  Have fun with it!  And check out some cool art at www.luciaperez.info!!

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