Dimensional Paper Art

On my quest for interesting and fun projects I came up with an idea for a multi-dimensional piece of art.  I wanted to incorporate various media for a more interesting visual effect.

Not only did I want to make something that can be made into a card, but I also wanted to make something that at some point can be framed.

This project, and hopefully alot of the projects in the future, can be created with a simple list of art supplies.  For this I used thin ribbon, embroidery yarn, a thick needle, a thick sturdy paper for painting, acrylic paints of various colors, fine point sharpie marker, paintbrushes, a few jars for water, and paper towels.

You want to set up your working area.  The first step is to create your paper flowers.

The next step is to paint the flowers one by one.

As you can see on the left we have created the components that are necessary for our project.

The next step will be to put all of our components together.  I decided for this particular card to use ribbon to tie everything together.

When you have decided what you are going to use.  Take your flowers and place the smallest one on top to the largest on bottom.

When you are satisfied with your arrangement, take your needle and loop your ribbon or thread through the top.  Be sure to tie a knot at the end to keep the ribbon in place.  Then pull it through the top.

I would recommend a couple of stitches to hold the flower in place.  The begin to stitch the card as you wish.  I created a pattern on the outer edge of the paper.

Once you have stitched the ribbon all the way around the outer edge, be sure to create another knot to keep it in place.  If you are not familiar with the end knot refer to my article on tooth fairy pillows.  There you can see how to create the ending stitch.

Now, for the final step you can take your sharpie marker and add a few neutral designs to your card.  I chose to decorate the paper with some simple leaf images.

But here you can really let loose and be creative.

Once you have decorated your flower, you have a beautiful original piece of paper art that your family or friends would love to have. Please don’t forget to sign it!

Have fun with this it’s easy and it’s fun!  Check out some cool art at www.luciaperez.info

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