Cleaning and Framing Tip

I have mentioned this in previous articles, but I thought to dedicate a moment to revisit this topic again. I work in framing and I have had to put together orders for customers on more than one occassion. Working with framing is an art in itself.  You have to take into consideration many different factors.

When it comes time to adding the glass to the frame, I highly recommend rubbing alcohol as the cleaning agent for your glass. It works equally as well as most glass cleaners, and evaporates immediately.  It is also highly recommended for museum glass.

If you are framing art at home, carefully remove the glass from the frame.  Clean your glass with rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth or paper towel.  Use the paper towel to hold the glass, to avoid adding new fingerprints to your clean side and carefully clean the other side.  Lay the glass over the matted art work, look at the work and the glass and make sure that there are no specs of dust or lint on the glass or the mat.  If so lift the glass again and gently wipe the lint away with a paper towel.

This step may have to be repeated a few times, since dust will somehow appear out of nowhere.  Clean as many times necessary until it is completely clear.  Next, take the frame and place it gently over the top of the glass and the mat together.  With your hands, push the mat and the glass into the frame from the bottom. 

Once they are in the frame securely flip the frame over and begin to close.  Once closed your piece should look immaculate.  All you need to do is add your hangers and VOILA, your ready to hang your beautiful art.

Look for more framing tips coming up!

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