Spray Bottles

There’s a lot of fun and interesting ways to approach art.  Traditionally we could use paintbrushes and pallets, of course thats typically how I do it.  But, whenever you can, take an opportunity to try something new.

In this article we are going to experiment with applying paint with a spray bottle.  It’s a lot of fun and very easy to do.  The cost is low and you could do several creative art pieces with this method.

All you need is paper for painting, a piece of glass, a few different paints, the colors are of your choosing, masking tape, water, a thin stick, and some paper towels. 

For my spray bottles I chose a four ounce bottle by a company called Stampendous.  They specialize in stamping products and art.   This bottle retailed at 1.99.

Another type of bottle that I found that worked quite well were the mini misters by Inkssentials.  These bottles are quite small and retailed at 4.99.  Small bottles can be found at any local craft store.

Once you have prepared your working area with a protective covering and all of your supplies.  You are ready to get started.

As you can see from the video demonstration, the more water you add to your paint the more transparent the color is.  This is a good quality because, you can work your way up to more opaque colors.  By Opaque I mean richer more vibrant colors. 

Start with very transparent colors in the beginning and add more paint to your water as you go along.  This will give a very nice layered look.

Another good tip for this approach is to start with a lighter color such as a yellow or a beige, and work your way up to darker colors.  Continue to add colors as you see that your paint is beginning to dry.

As you can see here on the left, by gradually adding more color to your water the color gets richer.

Take a paper towel and wipe along the edges of your masking tape to keep a puddle from accumulating.

In the next picture I added a brown color to one of the bottles.

As you can see the darker color sits nicely below the rich reds that have been added underneath.

After the paint has dried a bit it becomes easier to see the the way that the colors work together.

Another note, notice how the paper warped immediately after the paint was applied.  This is very typical, when working with paint on paper.  If you add the tape to the sides, then I guarantee that your paper will dry completely flat.

Now you have a cool background that you can continue to spray with more layers of paint or you can take a small paintbrush and add imagery with other colors.  Its up to you, do whatever because it’s art and it’s supposed to be fun!!

Have fun with it! 

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