Art Center of New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico was a surprisingly fun excursion after the holiday weekend.  I thought that I would share my trip because there was so much Fine Art to take in.  Unfortunately, for the short amount of time that we were there we only got a surface glance of all of the art work there.

When we arrived we stayed at the beautiful house of our parents very old friends from way back.  They asked what we wanted to do and the first thing I said was “lets go see art!”

We made our way to town, and our first stop was the famous Canyon Road.  Canyon Road has art galleries all along the both sides of the of the street.  We found that there was art from all over the globe on this very road.  But the art wasn’t just there, it was everywhere.

Wiford Gallery was our first stop.  There was a huge yard in the front of the gallery where they had an amazing selection of sculptures.

Some of the sculptures were designed to make music in the wind. 

Others were designed to catch the wind and move with it.  While others were there to capture the effects of the shimmering sunlight.

There was so much to see in such little time that we had to keep moving.  As much as I love shiny objects we kept walking.  The next place we passed was the Hahn Ross Gallery.  The most amazing thing about this gallery was life size man napping outside.

As we moved along the road we came across more and more amazing art!  It seemed endless and totally inspiring!

There was too much to share on Canyon Road, and I wish that I could somehow add every image from the trip.  But I think that you somehow get the idea of the abundance of creative works on one road!

Another, notable stop was a place called Ghost Ranch.  On our way out of the Plaza we drove by and had to stop to get a look at some of the amazing sculptures in front of the building.

For a day trip, not including our stop at a nature rescue center, my daughters and I sure got our fill of art.  Our trip was very enjoyable and I hoped to go back again to see more.  Maybe even show and sell my work there. 

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures.

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