Changing It Up

Well the trees continue, it seems as though more ideas for the trees come to my mind.  I came across some trees that I painted on paper in 2004, almost similar in style as the ones that I am painting now, the only difference is that I am using the iridescent paints for them.  So I love the results and I think that as long as I have a canvas I will continue to paint them.  I had the idea to do the trees in soft pastel colors like pinks and purples.  I love that Jacaranda tree, the color is amazing.  I am definaltely using a purple soon!!!  I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I switched things up a bit at Vietnam’s Pearl.  I just took two new pieces and put them in the spot where the little ones were displayed.  They look fantastic and the colors of their walls work well with the colors of my art.  I am excited that I have a place to show as my search for more places continues.

I recently called a few places, looks like I will have to take advice given and show up and make a personal appearance.  I hate having to get in your face but sometimes thats what you have to do.

Congrats to Patrick (restaurant owner) on his wedding, his bride is beautiful.  Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.  Please call me or email for pricing.  My email is or call me at 949-272-6878..Ta ta…Lucia

If you would like to purchase a painting through paypal please click on the link.

If you are in Southern California and want to purchase some art please call me. If you are out of state please click on the link the link to make the purchase.

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