Goodbye Green Door Gallery

Well today I went to the Green Door Gallery in Santa Ana to pick up my work.  When I walked up to the gallery I noticed that Kathy the owner had my stuff right at the front door so that everyone could see the work as you walked in.  That was very nice and generous of Kathy.  I was sad not to sell any work there, granted I only had my stuff there for a month.  The owner thought that a three month period was necessary to see the work sell.  There’s no telling what could happen, whether you stay a month or six, your art may never sell.  It’s a chance every artist has to take. 

You also have to weigh out whether or not it’s worth it to rent a wall space to get exposure.  I think if regular customers are coming by and the work gets trafficked regularly then it’s worth paying for a rental space.  If you are paying for a space that’s not seen then it may be a waste of money.  So if you’re thinking of renting a wall from a gallery ask about the traffic to the gallery.  Be sure you know how often the gallery owner is around.  Be sure you feel comfortable with the owner, and know you can contact them and communicate with them.  Ask about whether or not they take a commission and be sure to find out how they handle sales. 

In the meantime, I decided to continue my search for other places to display the work.  There’s a few places in the works, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Look for updates to the website coming soon at

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