Recycled Art

I decided on a new series, it came to me when I started playing with an idea and it didn’t quite work.  There’s nothing worse than having a lot of art that you hate and you are not sure what to do with it.  Normally, I throw it in the nearest dumpster I can find, but I have a wonderful sister who loves everything that I do.  So I feel really bad about tossing my art in the trash. 

For whatever reason, I thought that instead of tossing it I would create more art out of it.  For one, I love color, and I also like to play with several new ideas.  What started as my meditation series has now become my recycled art series. 

I dont know why I judge my own art so harshly, but if I am not totally in love with the final result I just put it in a closet or throw it away.  Seeing as how we have to think about the earth and how everything we waste has an effect on it, I thought why not make more art out of it somehow!  My recycled art series is a by-product of reusing art to make more art!

It may seem silly, but I am having so much fun with the concept.  I can’t wait to put it everywhere.  Besides, who doesn’t love color? Color is the expression of everything, emotions, seasons, groups, alliances, you name it.

Keep an eye out for more recycled art there’s more to come. I love the series.  There will be a recycled art gallery at very soon!


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