Gloria Soledad

So after having written about my daughter Isabel Victoria, I can’t let another day go by without writing about Gloria.

Gloria is a very special girl, because I consider her my lifesaver.  Not only is Gloria a beautiful, sweet loving mature spirit, but she is came at a time that was very difficult for me.  I found out I was carrying Gloria in the last month of my mother’s life. 

I was able to tell my mom that I was going to have a baby, and that I was going to name her after her.  Of course, it was too soon to know whether or not I was going to have a girl, but something told me that I was.  My mother was very happy and proud to know that she was going to be a grandmother.  In her last days, the very few visitors that she allowed, she expressed how happy she was about that.  It was a bittersweet experience since I knew what was to come.

After my mom’s passing, it was Gloria that gave me a reason to live.  As the month’s went by I held on to whatever strength I had for this new life that would come into my life so soon.  I felt blessed because she gave me a reason to live.  I am forever grateful to my daughter for coming when she did.  I love her with all of my heart and that is why I love to paint her.  She is not only very beautiful, but she inspires me to be strong and fight for life!

My children mean the world to me!  Thats why their faces are so prominent in my collection of portraits!  I love you babies!!!!

Come see their portraits in my portrait gallery at!


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