Well I was told about a couple of restaurants by the owner of Vietnam’s Pearl as possibilities to display my art.  Seeing as how I am very gung ho right now about getting my art out there I found the contact information for the restaurant Bistango in Irvine, California.  The contact is a very sweet lady who was nice enough to allow me to bring my pieces in for consideration for the next showing at the restaurant. 

So very excited I took several pieces to her gallery for the owner of Bistango to look at, and to my sad disappointment my art wasn’t the route he wanted to go.  So I got rejected!  I was pretty bummed out because I got the bad news at work.  Of course, I felt discouraged because now I will have a ton of work to bring home. 

Where will this art go now?  It can’t stay at home it needs a place to be seen and enjoyed and even purchased.  My search for venues will continue!  Stay updated…..

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