My Search Continues….

I hate the term starving artist.  I never agreed with it, I always felt if you had a gift and a passion for what you did then you would be supported and provided for.  If you move in the direction of your dream then a way will be made ( I think I just quoted the Secret).  So how do you make a way if you have the drive, the committment, and a huge playground to play in?

I’m guessing according to the advice of my mother’s former gallery rep, that you should ask and see if there would ever be any interest in the work.  She said you have to put it out there and ask.  Up till now it’s been nothing but online searches and out of the blue phone calls to complete strangers.

Fortunately, a word of mouth connection got me in Vietnam’s Pearl, but my art collection is growing and the wall space is running out.  I wish God blessed me with a little bit of patience, but you see my art and full time employment have to provide for a life with my girls which I have long awaited so of course I am anxious, excited, and a bit impatient on getting the work in front of audiences.

I do appreciate that I have the drive that seemed to have left me when my mother passed away.  But I am at a point where I want to make some moves.  So far my search has consisted of art galleries in LA, in Orange County, and even closer to home, Costa Mesa, and a very good art spot, Laguna Beach.  Have I called a lot of them? NO, not yet, but I will.  I remind myself every day that it’s for the girls and I will..

Stay Posted


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