The Pick Up

I went by to the art studio to pick up the work that was included in a proposal for a new showing at a restaurant in Irvine, California called Bistango.  Antoinette was there to greet me.  Although, for me it felt like a rejection she was very nice and hopeful about working with me in the future.  Her news was that the owner was not quite decided in what direction to take the show, and that he needed more time to think about it.

She said that the process of making a decision could be extensive and that more time was needed.  She asked me for a few jpegs of the work that I had taken to the studio, which I gladly agreed to sending to her via email.

Walking away from the situation didn’t feel so bad as it did when I received the news over the phone.  In a perfect world, the owner would have been falling out of his seat with excitement about my work and jumped at the chance to show it.  But the reality check set in and now I am at home with a TON of color in my home.

What happens next?  Tomorrow I hear from the OC Fair whether or not the painting was accepted to be in the art show.  Will it be rejected?


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