Wow, I got this email about my blog, it was quite a nice compliment, and it was also an invitation to join a page that is pretty cool.  Basically, its a collage of images that link to blogs around the world.  It’s a new concept and the blog itself is very new.  I just joined for the free fifteen day trial.  If you go to the site you will see in HUGE letters Blog Collage.

When you scroll over the small images it will link to blogs that have just joined this page.  If you look very closely you will see my painting of Gloria and a link to my blog.  I love the concept it’s very cool, I wish my blog was bringing in the big bucks otherwise I would gladly pay to be a part of this larger picture.

The first fifteen days are free but after that you have to pay to have your image on the site.  The webmaster controls the site and places the images and links on the site.  It’s a fun idea, please check it out and see where my picture of Gloria is before the fifteen day trial is over!!! (July 1st, 2011)


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