I was recently looking for a place to cut my hair, because my hair was getting out of control.  I did an online search for places in Costa Mesa to get a reasonably priced haircut.  My price range was under fifty dollars since I know that my hair is a lot of work!  Ask my sister a former color tech.  I found this small, somewhat hidden, treasure where I decided to take a chance.

The lady who answered recommended Vanessa the salon owner, to cut my hair so I went ahead and scheduled.  Vanessa was very nice and hospitable, we talked about my hair.  She gave me ideas about the length to stay with and she went from there.  I was very happy with the result, and will probably return to get my hair cut there in the future.

In the time that I sat in Vanessa’s chair we talked about her business, and how long it took her to really start building clientelle.  It was very encouraging for me to hear about her experiences as a business owner.  I gained a lot of respect for her in a very short time.

After we spoke about her, I had mentioned to her that I was also trying to get my art into the local area and that I too was trying to build clientelle for myself as an artist.   With enthusiasm, out of nowhere, Vanessa offered her salon as a place that I could display and sell my art.  She also said she would take a commission.  I was very excited, considering that she already had several empty spaces on her wall with nothing but a nail in it.

I took her up on her offer and showed her samples of my work from my phone.  Having access to the internet from the phone is quite convenient these days.  She was impressed with the work and agreed to let me hang the work there.  I told her that I would contact her in a few days to make arrangements!!  I am so psyched!!!!  Lets see where we go from here!

Tata!  To be continued………………


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