New Place for Art in SoCal

Finally, after having some time off from work I began following up with the new place where I was to display some art.  I was nervous at first because I didn’t get a hold of Vanessa the first day off I had to try to call her.  I decided to be patient but not to give up.  I felt good about the connection with the owner and didn’t want to push it too much.

Another couple of days went by and I finally got the OK to bring the work.  Before I did, I made a price list for her to see what the prices were for the work, titles, sizes, and negotiable amounts.

Vanessa Busy at Work

The place was relatively quiet which was very nice because I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way.

There were a few people there and they seemed very excited to talk to me about art (something that I just LOVE).  The man that was waiting to see Vanessa was the first to engage me in conversation when I walked in the door.

Then there was Anne who was very excited to see the Blue Tree painting hanging by her work station.  She was very nice to take a picture next to the work.

Anne next to the Blue Tree

Hanging the work didn’t take me very long at all.  I was basically in and out.  Before I left I showed Vanessa the price list and the agreement, and told her to look it over and to call me if she had any questions.

Fortunately, Vanessa was very busy and had an evening booked with clients.  So I left and told her that I would be in touch soon.

My hope is that with Vanessa’s help all the paintings will sell out and that I can very quickly bring more to sell.

Golden Tree now at Head Line Hair Salon

If you would like to get your haircut or colored, or even see the work available for sale you can go to:

Head Line Hair Salon

1170 Baker Street Ste. D

Costa Mesa, CA 92626-4100

You can call them at 714-557-2066!

Fluffy Red Tree on Display at Head Line Hair Salon in Costa Mesa CA

Stay posted there are new developments for the website and for my path as an artist.  Who knows what will happen next.

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