Art at the Swap Meet

My friend was recently at a swap meet and she saw a booth made out of fences placed together.  On this booth there were several paintings hung up for sale.  She took a picture and texted it to me saying that is how I should sell my art.  I know that she meant well but I was somewhat offended by it because in my mind I never want to show or sell art this way.

I know that there are several venues for artists to show and sell their work.  There are several local festivals in which artists come together and set up their pieces for display where people come around to see what’s available for sale.  Granted, this is one way to sell your work.  I am sure that for many people it works quite well.  I, on the other hand, have always wanted to see my art on walls. I have always associated art festivals with crafts, and I would prefer as an artist, to show my work on the walls of an establishment, a gallery, a juried art show, or a group show where the artist creates the venue in an alternative space.

My reasoning for being against showing art in a swap meet are that people will not value the art for sale.  The artist will have to lower prices considerably due to the venue.  The artist may not care one way or the other to sell work for a lower price despite the time and effort invested in the pieces themselves.  People may not value the art they see in a swap meet versus a gallery.

I may be very wrong in the assumptions that I am making, but as an artist I think about this.  If I am at the swap meet selling art for a certain amount, lets say, less that what I would ask a gallery owner to sell it for, is that fair to the people who can pay more and will pay more?  Will people value art that costs less, and bother to buy it because the price is so low.  Is it worth the time and the cost of the booth to stay in one place for an entire day to possibly sell one or no pieces of art?

I would love to get some comments or feedback on this topic.  I welcome any real responses, because I am a serious artist who is trying to figure out the best journey for my art.

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