The Potteries Gallery and Studio

The Potteries Gallery and Studio, Mesilla New Mexico

I decided to make a trip to El Paso, Texas for a brief visit.  It was my dad’s idea to head over to the The Potteries Gallery and Studio located in Mesilla, New Mexico.  Mesilla lies just a few miles outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico and is a very popular tourist spot.  They have places to eat, several unique jewelry and souvenir stores, where you can buy local crafts, as well as, goods from different parts of Mexico.

The owners of this studio are Jan and Bill Cook.  The gallery is also shared with artist Jeanne Rundell.   Jan specializes in an artistic line of foodware, which includes goblets, pitchers, plates and bowls. She has been a part of the Mesilla art community for many years and regularly participates in local art exhibitions.

Inside view of The Potteries

Jan is also known for her ceramic lighting fixtures.  They are meant for several types of lights, and are simple and elegant.

Jeanne is an artist who, like Jan, worked in ceramics, but at some point became interested in painting, and three dimensional canvas work.

Jeanne’s flavor tends to border on the abstract, yet her playful approach draws the viewer in with bright, yet soft pastel colors.  Surprisingly, we both agree that we are not sure where all the ideas for the abstract pieces originate from, except that they become what they have to be.

Jeanne Rundell's art

During our visit we were able to catch up and talk about what we’ve been up to.  Jan didn’t recognize me right away when she walked in from her trip to the grocery store.  Seconds after, she was surprised and excited to see me along with my brother, who decided to drop by to say hello.

FYI, Jan is a long time friend of my mother.  She knew our family from the time my siblings and I, were in our teens.  We participated in craft shows in New Mexico, and El Paso where my parents got to know one another and became friends.  Over the years, we have stayed in touch and Jan’s gallery continues to prosper.

Jeanne and Jan


It was fun to hear Jan reminisce  about our childhood.  We also really enjoyed listening to her and my father laugh and joke with one another.

My brother taking pictures for his phone wallpaper

Jan and Jeanne maintain regular hours at the gallery.  They can be found at:

2260 Calle de Santiago

Mesilla, NM, 88046



You can also see more of their work at the following websites: and

If you ever travel to El Paso, Texas be sure to make time for Mesilla, you won’t be disappointed.

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