A Morning of Art


Isabel's drawing


There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching my girls create their own paintings.  I have to say that they inherited our families creative genes.  My daughter Gloria is not only a very talented writer, but she also possesses the ability to draw and paint quite naturally.

Isabel, also has a talent for drawing that is quite amazing.  From the time that she was just a toddler and able to hold a brush, her talent came through.

This morning, the girls decided to bring out their art supplies, as well as, their newly bought watercolor paper to make gifts for the family.

Isabel started with a painting of a winter scene.  Using her pencils she drew in the main ideas, but left out the main details of certain objects, like the needles of the pine trees.  As she was finishing up her drawing, she set up her watercolor paints.

Painting the trees

By regenerating the paints that she used the night before, she began painting in the details of the trees.  She was careful to use a very soft approach with her brush, not adding too much color at one time.

As I watched her paint, I was glad that she chose the brushes that she did.  They worked out perfectly with all of the detail work in her drawing.

My children get very focused when they work, I am reminded of how I work on my art.

Isabel, was able to paint several lovely paintings all of which the family took without hesitation.  Her drawings are awesome and most of all, full of her love.


The Owl

Pine Tree

Completed and signed


Gloria decided to work on a painting that she had started the night before.  She loves to draw animals in their natural habitats.  She brought out her painting of a wolf, which she decided to be the cover of her book.  Yes, my daughter is currently writing a story that involves animals, and I have to say it’s quite impressive for an eleven year old.


Glorias wolf

I am not surprised at her talents, though, we have amazing writers in our family.  Her grandfather, for one, also has a passion for the written word.

As she prepares her supplies, she feels unsatisfied with the way she painted the rays of the sun. So she decided to paint the blue sky, while she figured out a different approach to her piece.

After some thought, she brought out her acrylic paints and used those in combination with her watercolors to get the effect she was looking for.

painting the sky first

Since she wasn’t happy with the sun and it’s rays, she used her acrylic yellow paint to brighten the color, as well as highlight the wolf to emphasize the rays on the wolf’s back.

As you can see from the images, there is a change in the brightness of the color, as well as richness.  I say it was a good call on her part.

Gloria's Story cover


As my daughter worked on her art piece, my brother noticed her work and quickly asked her if he could have her painting.

Surprised and flattered, she agreed to give him her work.  She signed her painting after she was done, and my brother packed it away happily for his home in San Antonio, Texas.

It was so nice to watch my kids work on art, it brought so much joy to my heart.  Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.  I hope that more parents choose artistic activities with their children, not only to teach them the value of art, but to keep art alive in our country.

Happy Day!


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