My Arrival in Los Angeles

In 2005, I decided to make a brave journey on my own in pursuit of my dreams.  With only about 2000 dollars in my bank account I packed up my minivan and left for Southern California.  It was my idea that I would get off to a quick start, and have my art selling like hotcakes.  I was mistaken, because I had arrived with no real plan.  All I knew is that I wanted a life there with my two daughters.

I met several artist’s from the get-go, and it was interesting to see the difference in the attitudes that they had about their approach to art, versus the art scene that I was exposed to when I was in school a few years prior.  Most of the artists had a more intense competitive spirit.  Of course, like any scene, there were established clicks and groups of artists that supported one another, and had reputations in their communities.  Most of the people were very friendly and treated me very kindly, however the feeling was at times intimidating.

The energy of the city was very intense, fast cars, aggressive drivers, and multiple freeways.  There was a moment in my third week in, that I was prepared to pack my van and leave again because I felt so intimidated.  But I took a deep breath and stuck it out.

Soon after I arrived, I was able to pick up odd jobs here and there.  The oddest one was painting iron rails for a guy who had a business making custom railing for staircases in people’s homes.  He worked with a lot of clients in Los Angeles, some of them celebrities.  For example, he had done work for Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt when they were married.  I was even able to go into Kanye West’s home in the Hollywood Hills, that had been completely gutted for remodeling, to do an estimate.  I saw beautiful, extravagant homes throughout the general LA area, and at the time I felt that I was in the right place.  I truly envisioned my art taking off in the big city.

Another job, was working as a catering server for a private chef.  She had established clients and cooked for their guests in their homes.  Once again, the work required me to go to places that were extremely beautiful.  I was so inspired by the success that these homeowners had, that I was hopeful that one day I too, could own a home as beautiful as the ones that I was fortunate to see.

The energy of the city began to grow on me, as intense as it felt when I first arrived, I really felt like I was at home there.  I loved the city lights, and the hoards of galleries all over, being so close to the beach, the constant beautiful weather, and most of all the entertainment scene.  What I envisioned more than anything was to see my art in celebrity homes.  To me not impossible, I remained very optimistic!!!

More to come soon.

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