Art Stays in Southern California

I recently wrote about my upcoming move to Texas, so I went by to talk to the owner of Vietnam’s Pearl to let him know.  He was very supportive and asked me if I was going to take my art with me.  I told him that I could, but that I would love to leave it if it was OK with him.

He happily agreed to continue to do business with me, and even told me to bring as much art as I wanted.  Now, some might wonder if that is a good idea, being that I am going to be so far away, but I have to believe that if I’m going to get noticed that I have to take the chance.

The business owner has been there for many years, and has helped artists in the past.  His own passion for art and helping other artists, has created a relationship with a feeling of trust.  I am also glad that I could potentially return to the area, to visit.

As I also understand the nature of an art sale is that, art needs time and exposure, like fine wine.  People have to connect with a piece of art before the invest in it.  People also need time to think about it in these times.  Sometimes its better to give them the time to think so that they can feel sure and good about their purchase.

If you would like to see the work at Vietnam’s Pearl please visit them at:

1215 Baker Street #B

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Ask Patrick for a price list, for the art.


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