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On my day off from work, it was my mission to take another step towards my art career.  Based on a lead given to me by my new found friends from the OLO Gallery here in El Paso, I headed over to the Glasbox Gallery to talk about potentially showing some art in a new space.  Owner and founder Chris and Katrina Bevins, graciously took time out of their day to give me a tour of the facility.

The Glasbox is located in the downtown area of El Paso, at 1500 Texas Street on the second floor of the Texas Fabrics & Foam building.  The gallery maintains regular hours where anyone can come to see the space.

To my surprise, the space is set up to serve several purposes.  The first, is to create an affordable environment for artists to come and work on their own art.  For a minimal monthly fee, local El Paso artists can use the studios to commune, be inspired, and work on their projects, very reminiscent of the days at the University.  The building is equipped with a bathroom, full service kitchen, exercise room, WIFI, wood shop, a welding room, and most importantly a huge gallery space any artist would dream of displaying in.

On the tour, I came across two screen printing businesses, and an online vintage clothing store running their shops from the studio spaces.

I was fairly impressed with concept, I felt a lot of passion from Katrina as she took me around this amazing labyrinth of an art space.

Chris is currently playing with different ideas about how to use the gallery space in collaboration with local artists.  He mentioned choosing about fifteen local artists and allowing them to use part of the gallery to display and rotate their art over a period of time.  The goal would be to promote the artists and bring in more potential buyers.  Hopefully, by the beginning of the year he will have it figured out.  It will be interesting to see the outcome, and how it will benefit the art community.

View of Texas Street from the lounge area

In the meantime, a sense of community is encouraged at Glasbox.  Artists sign up to teach classes, and as always the space is in a constant state of evolution according to the owners.

If you have an interest in knowing more you can check them out on Facebook or check out the website!!  Hope this is helpful……

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  1. Sura Mehio says:

    I think the communal use of space is a great idea – it will bring in a wider range of audience. It sounds like a inviting and safe place to share your art work.

    • lululove says:

      It will also bring much needed interaction between artists that will allow them to improve their techniques… thanks!!

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