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My time in Southern California was a very special journey.  Despite the hardships, I was blessed in several ways.  One of those was that I met a very special person who I now consider to be one of my best friends.  Like family, wildlife artist Shanna Praggastis, has been a huge source of inspiration in my life.

I met Shanna at my old work place Aaron Brothers.  She was working as the assistant manager and framer for the Irvine store.  It took a while before we became friends but I knew that we would get along.

Shanna with Joey

As we became closer, I found out how truly talented she was in the visual arts.  Her love for animals has inspired her to become a wildlife artist.  Working mainly in acrylic paint, Shanna can truly capture the beauty and fine detail of her subject matter.  She has taken classes from the famous wildlife artist Daniel Smith, and it was through this experience that she has become such an expert on detail.

One of my favorite things to do is to look at art with Shanna.  As we walk through a gallery we look intensely at every painting noticing every artistic detail and possible approach to the work.  Questions we ask are what brushes did they use? What media, and how would you handle a project like this.

As fellow artists, Shanna and I have the same dreams and goals.  We both want to succeed as artists because it is our passion.  Our goals are to focus on our careers and to take steps towards them.  So far, under the circumstances we are doing quite well.

Even though Shanna is currently living in Northern California, we are still keeping track of one another and making sure we keep to the plan!  Shanna has a website where you can preview her work. She also has limited edition prints that you can purchase by contacting her personally.

Northern Shovelers

The Northern Shovelers, is one such print available for sale.  The Size is: 12″ x 16″, and it’s a giclee on canvas (limited edition, 150 numbered and hand signed) this print is only 95.00 and is printed by Art on Giclee, an Orange County printing company that does excellent quality work.

Sherman, another favorite, is a beautiful portrait of a horse done in pencil.  This print on paper is also available in 12″ x 16″ (limited edition, 150 numbered and hand signed)for only $70.


She also does commission work, as a former gallery owner she has worked with several clients in the Nevada area doing commissions.  If you are interested in capturing the spirit of an animal that is dear to your heart then I highly recommend her for a personalized portrait of your pet.

Shanna can be contacted by email or phone, if you would like to inquire about some art work by Shanna please call her at (949) 375 – 8445, or email her at  Please visit her website at

I am very proud of where we are in our lives so far.  I know that together we can do something great!  Please look into her work you won’t be disappointed!!

There’s more to come please keep reading!!!

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