In my time in Orange County, among the amazing individuals that I met was Megan Boatman.  We also worked together at Aaron Brothers in Irvine, California.  As I usually am very shy when I am around new people, Megan was very welcoming and friendly when I started as a new employee.  As I got to know her, I learned that she was a student at the Art Institute specializing in graphic and web design.

In a conversation about our artistic pursuits, Megan came to discover that I needed a new website for my art.  She took the opportunity to offer making my site to use a part of her portfolio for school.  Very excited, I welcomed the idea and as a result I have an amazing site by a very talented individual (www.luciaperez.info)

In the process of creating the website, I had ideas in my head about what I wanted.  Not knowing that the process was complicated Megan steered me in a direction that allowed for a more artistic and user friendly page.  In the developmental stages, I was confident in Megan’s ability to design an excellent site and gave her room for her own artistic expression.  As a result, I have a very unique site that truly acts as an online art gallery.  The simplicity of the site allows the viewer to do what they are meant to do and that is view and focus on the art.

Each piece comes through on an automatic slide show that can be paused at anytime for longer viewing.  Art pieces are also displayed, such that, they can be enjoyed on an individual basis.  The site itself is very true to the art and I am very proud to have Megan as the one who designed it, it’s truly top notch!

Megan has finally graduated from her school and is beginning her bright future as a web designer.  She just became employed with an Orange County Web company, and has recently set up her own website.  On her site you can see all of her current skills and talents.  She also has an extensive portfolio featuring my website as well.

You can contact Megan through her new site at:


I have all the faith in Megan to be highly successful.  She is well on her way.  If you need any work I highly recommend Megan Boatman!!


Please keep reading there’s a lot more to come!!!



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