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Lucia Angela Perez by Megan's Trees

Opening night at the Agave Rosa Gallery was a huge success.  Nervous at first, I walked into the gallery amazed at the final result of all the hard work put into renovating the new space.  I wasn’t alone, I had the support of my father Roberto PerezDiaz who can charm any crowd.  On Friday, the 16th of September, I was required to attend the VIP reception for gallery owner Martha Arzabala, who invited several of her important connections in the El Paso area.

To my surprise there was a huge crowd more than thirty people came in support of the gallery.  It was a fantastic night, and I actually had some success.  I sold two paintings and I was also told by Martha that I was her new artist in residence.  I was so excited with the news because I now have exclusive representation.

Martha Arzabala

As the night progressed, Martha graciously spoke of all of the artists in the show.  Among them are Victor Barajas, Phillip Howard (fellow artist in residence), and Manuel Pina.

The show was not limited to painting but also included several unique pieces of jewelry, ceramics, bronze sculptures, and photography.

A talented artist herself, Martha, featured some of her latest horse portraits that captivated me immensely.  Her whimsical yet powerful approach brought forth imagery that left me breathless.  Alessandro, below, was the true star of the night for me.  I was impressed by how well she captured the feeling of weakness, and powerlessness that comes through the image.


In person, this image is alive with a variety of textures, lines, and even powdery glitter that brightens the surface in several different areas.

Overall, the night was a huge success.  I was honored to be a part of the event, and now a permanent part of this gallery.  I am looking forward to exploring different medias as a result of being a part of Agave Rosa.  I am contemplating getting back to printmaking as I used to love to make prints in college.  I am excited for what the future holds for me as I am officially beginning my artistic path here in El Paso, Texas.  There is a lot more to come!!!!! Please follow along!!

Victor Barajas

Phillip Howard

Manuel Pina

Front Room




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