How to Store Paint

As an artist I mostly work in acrylic paint. I like the fact that it dries fairly quickly and I can get a lot of work done in a shorter period of time. Due to the fact that it dries so quickly, and I mix colors for pieces I am working on, I have had to find ways to store my paint so that it lasts longer.


What I found to work really well are baby food jars. Baby food jars have a freshness seal in the lid and it helps to trap moisture in the jar. They are very inexpensive priced from .49 to .69 cents at your local grocery store. You may also know a mom or two who are using baby food who wouldn’t mind seeing them used for an art project.

If you were to use baby food jars for paint be sure to thoroughly wash them prior to using them. I have had mold form in jars along with my paint because I was in a hurry to use the jar. Lesson learned.

I recently found some very small plastic paint containers at Hobby Lobby that I found perfect for the work that I am doing. They came in a pack of six and I paid 3.99 (a Speedball Art product). Normally I would use baby food jars but these containers were much smaller and held less paint. They also have a foil in the lid which helps to trap the moisture. These containers came in various sizes and cost a little more, but I found that the quality was good and would buy more in the future.

I have found that over time my paint starts to dry out in the jar. By adding water every few days my paint lasts longer. When my paint does dry out completely I fill the jar with water and after about 30 minutes to an hour, the paint peels completely off the walls of the jar. Then the jar is ready to be used again. Great way to recycle!

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