Last Summer Project

So when I was a teenager or in that age range I wasn’t a huge fan of the fake jewels.  There was even a commercial that sold a product where you could bejewel your clothing.  Back then I was just too cool for that.  But since I have had children my whole perception on art has changed.  I became more open to what my children were attracted to.  As the girls have gotten older they have exposed me to so many new ways of being creative that it fuels my own artistic practices at times. 

One day when shopping at the Hobby Lobby for a canvas the girls noticed this nice sized canister of jewels and wanted me to buy it for them.  So I decided that it would be a good idea to put them to use for our last project together. 

This product is made by a company called Bead Design Co. and it retailed at 15.99.  The jewels in this container are flat on one side and about the size of a quarter.  They come in all different shapes and colors like stars, flowers, hearts, circles, ovals and so on.  We had already purchased a canister of the same product but the jewels were a lot smaller.  We like variety!

 For our project we needed plenty of Sobo (a wonderful craft glue), canvases, and small circular mirrors.  The canvases that we used are Master’s Touch Canvas panels that are 8 inches x 8 inches.  I found a package of six for about 6.50 in that range.  We also used a couple of 8 inch x 10 inch ready made canvases that I had in my supplies.  The mirrors also came in a package of six and they retailed at about 2.99.

First step was to glue the mirror to the center of the canvas with plenty of Sobo.  Once the glue was completely dry we painted our background with a color of choice.  I used acrylic paint for the ones I made for the girls.  I added about two layers of paint to minimize the appearance of the white on the canvas.  Once the paint was dry, we decided on a jewel design for the canvas.  I laid out the jewels exactly as I wanted them on the canvas and then I began to glue them on with Sobo.  The girls drew their images in and then glued directly on top of their penciled in lines. 

The results were amazing!  My girls made some very eye catching art that all of our house guests could not help but notice.

Framing Tip

I picked these canvas sizes with the intention of one day framing them.  With a careful eye you can buy a ready made frame in the sizes that we used for our project.  Once you find a nice frame, simply pull out the glass and put in your canvas.  Put together your frame as usual and you are ready to go!  Give away your project as a gift, or simply find a great place for your bejeweled canvas in your home!  Have fun with it we certainly did!!!  New work has been added to my site please come have a look…New ceramics gallery, new personal narratives, and portraits…..

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