Mod Podge

After finishing up my Memory Box from the previous article I came up with another idea.  I decided to add Mod Podge to certain areas of the box, to create another look that is not only pleasing but will preserve the images for some time.

Mod Podge is a multipurpose product that acts as an adhesive and a sealer.  It serves as a varnish that dries clear.  It was created in the 1960’s and has been very popular in the world of crafts.  There are several different types of Mod Podge on the market currently, but for this project I decided to use the classic. I went shopping for it at my local arts and crafts store, and I came across the classic Matte, classic Glossy, and the Sparkle.  I had never used the sparkle before and I wanted a glossy smooth finish so I purchased them both.  They retailed at about 4.99 to 5.99 each. 

There are several different ways that you can apply Mod Podge to your art project when applying it as a sealer.  Like paint you can brush it onto your surface with a paint brush, keep in mind that there will be visible brush strokes on the surface after it dries.  For example a bristle brush will create a much more visibly textured surface than a Nylon fibre paint brush.  Depending on the desired look you may want to consider which brush to use.  Keep in mind that glue begins to dry fairly quickly and it would be very useful to have a container of water close to the working area to occasionally completely clean the brush. 

Depending on how I want the surface to look, its perfectly normal to add more layers.  More layers will build up on the surface and give it a very glassy look.  It was this look that I was interested in.  Using a fairly inexpensive nylon brush I layered two coats of the Sparkle to the inside of the box and lid to seal in the red acrylic paint.  The look of the glitter against the red paint gave it a nice touch. 

Because I was excited to use the Sparkle I poured a generous amount directly on top of the moon image on the Memory Box.  With my finger I smoothed it out as much as possible, then I gently banged it on the table top to work out any small bubbles from the glue.  I made sure that the surface was fairly smooth and then I set the box in a safe place to dry.

After the glue was dry the result was amazing.  The layers of glitter changed the quality of the image in a way that was very pleasing to me.  From the image above, the box in direct sunlight really sparkled!

When using this product have fun and experiment the results can be awesome!

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