Prismacolor Pencils

I was introduced to Prismacolor pencils when I was an art student at the University. We had to use them for several of our drawing assignments in which we learned several great techniques with them.


What I loved about these pencils is that they had a very rich quality color that I had never experienced before. The leads were very soft and the color seemed to spread very nicely on the surfaces we worked on.


These pencils can be found at any arts and crafts store like Michaels, Aaron Brothers, and Hobby Lobby. You can also order them online from, Their cost usually ranges from .99 to 1.99 per pencil. They are a bit costly but they are excellent in quality and I will continue to buy them.

One of my favorite ways to use the pencils is on black drawing paper. The colors usually stand out more and I am able to create scenes that take place at night. I recently bought a pad of Strathmore Artagain black drawing paper from Aaron Brothers, and started a series of drawings that take place at night. The paper is recommended for soft pastels and charcoal, but I find that the prismacolor pencils take to the surface quite well. It also comes in a standard framing size which is 9″x 12″.

I was asked to illustrate a children’s book in 2004 for Groundwood Books in Canada. The title of the book is Talking with Mother Earth by Jorge Argueta. The book is a collection of poems written in English and Spanish that portrays a young man dealing with self-acceptance by connecting to mother earth. I decided that my medium for this book would be entirely Prismacolor pencils. I had always enjoyed working with the pencils so much that I thought an entire book would be very beautiful.

As I had hoped to accomplish the book turned out to be very striking, and I was very happy with the results. The book was released in 2006, and can now be purchased directly from Groundwood Books (

Not only have I been able to pass on a published book to my children, but being artistic like myself, they have also enjoyed using the prismacolor pencils. My daughters are now in the age range of 9 and 10 years old but from the time that they were much younger starting at 5 and 6 years old they have enjoyed drawing. I always give them supplies that I like to use and I highly recommend these for your children too.

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