Double Sided Felt Flowers

I was remembering a craft project that I came up with several years ago when I was living in Texas.  My sister came to visit and I thought it would be fun for the two of us to do something together.  I had some felt material, cardboard, and a few other items so I decided to make my own flowers to decorate the apartment.

This was several years ago and since then the idea for felt flowers has been revamped.  This time around I decided to decorate both sides so that they could be displayed in a variety of ways.  This also gives me the opportunity to display them in open spaces allowing them to be viewed from several angles. 

For this project, I wanted to incorporate elements from the previous article about Glossy Accents.  The idea was to continue combining textures to create visual interest.  Each step is a process in itself and requires more time and patience but in the end its worth the effort and the results are amazing and beautiful.

These flowers are great for brightening up a child’s room or simply for creating something thats fun and exciting for the whole family.


For this project I used several different items.  Felt material ( a variety of colors), glitter, bead glitter, TOHO treasure beads (11/0 round)decorative paper, dowels (1/8″ by 12″), Glossy Accents by Inkssentials, pearl stickers by Recollections, Chenille Stems, cardboard, a CD, Sobo glue, a hot glue gun, small plastic spray bottle cover, utility knife and scissors.

Flower Body

Creating the body of the flower was really quite simple.  Look for a piece of cardboard thats sturdy, for easier cutting you may keep an eye out for cardboard thats more flexible.  Cardboard is harder to cut with scissors but with patience you can get a nice clean shape. 

Take your CD, and make an outline onto your piece of cardboard, and then cut the cardboard with your scissors.  You are going to need a smaller circle that sits in the center of each side of your flower, so look for a small jar or a smaller circle and do the same.  Take your time on this part it only gets easier from here. 

Once you have cut out all of your cardboard circles you are ready to glue the felt material to each side.  Be sure you decide on how you wish to coordinate your colors before adding any glue.  The fun part of the project is figuring out how to color coordinate!  Once you’ve decided take a generous amount of Sobo and spread it around the cardboard all the way to the outer edge and lay it onto the full sheet of felt.  For the larger circles be sure to glue felt on both sides.  For the smaller circles, only glue the felt material to one side.   Wait about an hour, to allow the glue some time to set and then cut the circles out from the felt material.  

Drying time for the felt material on the cardboard may be longer than an hour but while you wait you can move on to the next step of the project, the flower petals.

For this part you will need three chenille stems (use the color of your choice), your small plastic spray bottle cap, and your hot glue gun.  You are going to make your flower petals by forming your chenille stems over your small plastic cap. 

If you don’t have a small plastic cap of some sort, you can always free form it with your hands. 

You are looking to make four to five petals on each stem to cover the entire perimeter of the flower.  Once they are finished you are ready to glue them on.

By now, your hot glue gun should be ready to use.  The first step is to figure out the placement of your flower petals.  Take the cardboard center and look at the sides.  The grooves in the cardboard will allow you to insert your petals.  Be sure to leave the most central opening empty because this is where your stem will be inserted, this part will be explained later.

Once you figure out in what grooves you are going to insert the petals take your glue gun and add a small amount of glue to the groove in the cardboard.  Be sure you have a paper plate, or a piece of paper to catch any glue that may drip from the gun, and always handle a glue gun with great care.  They can cause severe burns if not handled properly.

Since the hot glue sets extremely fast, you can hold your petals in place in areas for a moment while the hot glue sets. 

Your entire flower should be covered with flower petals and you’re now ready to move to the next step.

Side One of your Flower

For this side of the flower we are going to repeat the steps for the larger flower but on a smaller scale.  By this point you should have a smaller circle that sits perfectly in the center of your larger circle. 

After you’ve decided what circle you are going to use repeat the steps above for the smaller circle.  You will only need one and a half chenille stems.  If you have any long pieces, just cut them with your scissors.  You can cut chenille stems very easily with scissors.

After your petals are glued in take the glue gun and add a good amount to the center of the larger circle and press the smaller circle over the glue.  Make sure that the circle is where you want it to be and let it set in place.

Now, this side isn’t finished yet, but take a break from it because now its time to give the other side some attention.  Finishing details I save for last.

Side Two of your Flower

So for the other side I decided to work with a decorative paper that I had from a previous project.  The great thing about the larger sheets of paper is that they can be reused for several different things.  In this case, I decided that I would make a paper flower for my background to change things up a bit. 

After taking my CD and tracing a circle over the area that I wanted to use for the background I traced it and cut it out.  Then I placed it over the larger circle with the felt material and put the smaller circle on top.  I traced a small circle around the center of my newly cut piece of paper. 

The smaller circle will serve as a guide for the flower petals that I am going to cut out.  Decide how many flower petals you want, and carefully cut them out. 

When you are finished take a bit of hot glue and add it to the center of your larger circle and place your paper circle on top of it.  Before too much time passes add more hot glue to the center of your paper flower and press the smaller circle on top.  Let it set and get ready to work on the stem.


For this part you will need  a dowel, your scissors, the sobo glue, and a strip of decorative paper.  The strip should be almost as long as the dowel itself.  The dowel should have at least one inch exposed at either side it doesn’t matter which one. 

Cut your strip of paper, and be sure that it’s not too wide.  I would say 3/4 inch.  Next take your sobo glue and add a line all the way down the center of the paper strip.  With your finger, work the glue to the edge.  Next, take your dowel and carefully roll the paper over it from one end to the other.  It’s best to roll the paper as uniformally as possible to avoid wrinkles.

Once your stem is evenly covered, take a utility knife and carefully trim the inch that’s exposed so that you can insert it into the larger circle with more ease. 

Look for the central opening in the larger circle (mentioned earlier), add a small amount of hot glue and carefully insert the flower stem to the circle.  Allow it to set for a few minutes.

Final Touches Side One

By now we are ready for the final details that make the flowers complete.  You can make quite a variety of choices in the way to approach this final stage, and thats what makes it so much fun.  For the pink side, I used treasure beads, hot glue, and pearl stickers.

In order to not waste beads place your flower over a paper plate.  Take the hot glue and add a generous amount to the center.  Very quickly pour the treasure beads over the hot glue.  You will be able to add quite a few since the hot glue has the tendency to move a little.  This will allow you to add enough beads until the glue begins to set.  With an object like a pencil or just by using another dowel you can form the glue to a perfect circle before it sets.  I used my finger, since the hot glue sets and cools so quickly.  For your safety, I recommend using something else.  Remove the flower from the plate, and put any remaining beads back into the original container for other projects.

Take your pearl stickers and carefully remove them without touching the sticky part too much.  Add them to the area around the hot glue.  Side one should now be completed.

Final Touches Side Two

For this side of the flower I used glitter, glossy accents, hot glue and pearl stickers.  Like the first side I placed my flower over a paper plate to catch any excess glitter.  The first step was to add a small amount of hot glue to the center of the flower.  I poured a generous amount of glitter on top.  After the hot glue set I flipped over my flower and tapped off any loose glitter.  With my Glossy Accents I added a thin line along the edge of the outside of the smaller flower all the way around.  I added a generous amount of glitter to the glue to completely cover it.   Once its completely covered flip the flower over and tap off any excess onto the plate.  From the plate funnel the excess back into the glitter container.

Finally, take your pearl stickers and add them to the paper flower petals for the finishing touch.  Your flower is complete!!!!

I will have to say there are many detailed approaches to this project, but the results are amazing and worth the time.  I remember working with my sister and really enjoying the time we spent together making them.  It was not only fun but gave us time to bond as family.

Have fun with it!!   Please come see my art at and keep an eye out for more useful articles coming soon.

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