Thanksgiving and Art

It was my wish to publish a special tribute to the Thanksgiving Holiday this year.  As I work in retail, immediately after Halloween we are required to play our holiday music.  Customers are left a bit baffled since we haven’t had Thanksgiving. Yet here we are, time keeps zooming by and Christmas is right around the corner.

I wanted to take some time to stop and really think about what the Thanksgiving holiday means to me in this present time.  I decided to stop and look at all of the things in my life I had to be grateful for. 

For the past two years I have made it a priority to practice gratitude.  I started out making lists every morning while enjoying coffee, and even expressing it through my art as time passed.  By continuing this good habit I have not only seen many positive changes in my life, but I have been working my way towards a more positive future. 

For this Holiday, I decided to create a few artistic objects that expressed my gratitude visually.  Although I would have loved to make several, I made a few to give the idea. 

For my project I decided to make small charms with Memory Glass, Memory Foil, which I recently wrote about in the previous article.  I also decided to use two other products to give me more to work with.  Both products are meant for crafts.  They can be used in several different ways but I wanted to keep things simple. 

The first product is another one from the Inkssentials line called Memory Frames.  These were designed to hold Memory Glass, and can be used to make charms, jewelry, ornaments or anything creative.  They open very easily and can hold two small sheets of glass.  The price for a package retails at 4.99 and you get three per package.  The ones I chose were copper.  These can be purchased at Aaron Brothers, Michaels or you can find them online.

 The next product that I decided to use is ATC Transparencies made by a company called 7 Gypsies.  In this package you get approximately 20 sheets of transparencies with elegant black designs printed on them.  The designs vary, and you get two of each.  These sheets are meant to be used as pages, but I thought that they would be fun to use in my project.  They retailed at 5.99 and can be found at Aaron Brothers as well. 

Along with the new goodies I gathered family pictures, that I knew I had several copies of, scissors, a fine point black Sharpie marker, decorative paper, some glue, flower petals, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, a very thin shiny satin material that was on my flower bouquet and I was ready to get started. 

The idea for the project was to create a piece that showed a simple statement of gratitude, and then to have another piece that accompanied it.  The statement I chose was I am grateful for my ChildrenFor this piece I wanted to be able to see completely through it.  It was also important to incorporate as many elements of sentimental value to both pieces as possible. 

Statement Piece

For this piece I used four sheets of glass.  From the sheets of ATC, I chose one that had a large blank space and a very nice design surrounding it.  I chose this so that I could write my statement on there with the Sharpie marker.  This was to be placed between the first two sheets of glass that would be seen from the outside.  Once I knew where to place everything I took some rubbing alcohol and carefully cleaned the glass with the paper towel.  Then I placed a small drop of glue onto the ATC sheet and placed it on the glass.

In the center layer, I cut out a small square of the satiny material that I salvaged from my flower bouquet and two flower petals.  I placed them in the center of the glass between the first two sheets, always making sure the glass was clean. 

Finally, I took the second sheet of ATC with the same pattern and placed it between the third and fourth sheets of glass.  On this sheet, I had the option of writing another gratitude statement.  The piece was now complete and ready for the Memory foil tape.  I completely wrapped the glass with tape, and started on the second piece.

Accompanying Piece

This piece only required two sheets of glass.  I decided to add imagery to both sides to give the piece more interest.  I chose a photograph of both of my daughters standing together.  For the 2″ x 2″ inch piece of glass I had to make sure that my image was small enough and clear enough with space to decorate around it. 

I used the same materials to decorate the front side of the image.  I wanted the main focus to be the girls so I didn’t want to add too much.  I found a nice piece of ATC and cut it to fit the image along with a small piece of my satiny material. 

For the back side, I decided to use small strips of pictures to create a collage.  Each picture that I cut had a significant meaning.  For the final touch I cut out another small square of the satiny material and covered the entire collage.  After, I was satisfied with the results, I took foil tape and wrapped it around the edge.  Finally, I took some rubbing alcohol and cleaned the glass.   

Memory Charm

For the Memory Charm I wanted imagery on both sides.  For the article, I am only going to show one completed side.  For this side, I chose a sepia picture of my daughter.  Then I chose a nice design from one of the sheets of ATC and a small piece of my decorative paper.  After I was satisfied with my layout I cleaned two sheets of glass, opened the top of the memory charm holder and slid the sheets in. 

When I was working with the memory charm holder it was important for me to remember that I was limited on how much I could place between the glass.  There is not a lot of room so I had to plan carefully and work with a simpler yet eye catching layout. 

After I was satisfied with the appearance of the charm, I pushed the top back down and closed the charm.  I cleaned the charm with my rubbing alcohol and VOILA, I had a beautiful charm to remind me of my family!

I have so many things to be grateful for, my family, love, my car, my job, and my love for art.  I hope that this holiday season you can stop to share your gratitude with loved ones and notice how it shifts your energy to a more positive light! 

Have fun with it!!!

And come and look at some cool art at

Here are some more I made on Thanksgiving!

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