With my girls at the beach

My name is Lucia Angela Perez, I am an artist, a mother, and a teacher.

I am a Texas born artist, with my degree in fine art from the University of Texas at Arlington.  When I was a student I specialized my studies in ceramics, as well as printmaking.  Art you could say, is my passion and I currently find the most joy in painting in acrylic. 

My two daughters have influenced my work heavily.  I enjoy capturing special moments of their childhood in my artistic pursuits.  They are very creative and when we work together many wonderful creations take form. 

My goal is to share, educate, and bring color into your home.  Art is healing and I think that without it we can get lost.  I hope that in some way it will bring families together, give a new perspective on approaching certain ideas, or just bring new ideas to people.

2 Responses to About

  1. colin says:

    Sorry I’m only now getting back to you Lucia, please shoot me an email at colin@thelab.com

  2. Mardi Lujan says:

    Where are you now? I would love to catch up. We haven’t talked forever! xoMardi

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