The Blog’s new Direction

When I first started the blog I was hoping to create an online resource for mom’s and people interested in artistic projects and ideas.  I found that it was too much for me to juggle work, new projects, and working on new art. 

So I decided that instead of giving up on this blog altogether that I would use it as journal to document my progress as a visual artist in Southern California.  I am currently living in Orange County, where I decided to begin my journey in pursuit of success.  I thought that this was the perfect place to begin to see how far I could take my art career.

It has taken me many years to get to this point of renewed confidence in myself.  After suffering the loss of my mother, a divorce and what seemed like a neverending bad financial situation, I am finally in a place where it’s time to go forward. 

My success is important for many reasons, the first and most important is that I want to be able to provide for my children.  I have seen so many people follow their hearts and make a successful life for themselves.  I want the same for my children, and my family.  Living for years in Los Angeles and now in Orange County, I truly believe that it is here that dreams are possible.  So I am challenging myself to the task of making it happen.  My passion has truly always been for art, color, and the many ways to play with it, so my heart is in the right place. 

I want public witnesses to my trials and experiences as an artist so that perhaps I will inspire others to do as I have done.  Be Bold, and fearless.  So I hope you will be inspired to join me and read along as I start to get out there once and for all.  Lets see what happens.

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