The Pick Up

I went by to the art studio to pick up the work that was included in a proposal for a new showing at a restaurant in Irvine, California called Bistango.  Antoinette was there to greet me.  Although, for me it felt like a rejection she was very nice and hopeful about working with me in the future.  Her news was that the owner was not quite decided in what direction to take the show, and that he needed more time to think about it.

She said that the process of making a decision could be extensive and that more time was needed.  She asked me for a few jpegs of the work that I had taken to the studio, which I gladly agreed to sending to her via email.

Walking away from the situation didn’t feel so bad as it did when I received the news over the phone.  In a perfect world, the owner would have been falling out of his seat with excitement about my work and jumped at the chance to show it.  But the reality check set in and now I am at home with a TON of color in my home.

What happens next?  Tomorrow I hear from the OC Fair whether or not the painting was accepted to be in the art show.  Will it be rejected?


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My Search Continues….

I hate the term starving artist.  I never agreed with it, I always felt if you had a gift and a passion for what you did then you would be supported and provided for.  If you move in the direction of your dream then a way will be made ( I think I just quoted the Secret).  So how do you make a way if you have the drive, the committment, and a huge playground to play in?

I’m guessing according to the advice of my mother’s former gallery rep, that you should ask and see if there would ever be any interest in the work.  She said you have to put it out there and ask.  Up till now it’s been nothing but online searches and out of the blue phone calls to complete strangers.

Fortunately, a word of mouth connection got me in Vietnam’s Pearl, but my art collection is growing and the wall space is running out.  I wish God blessed me with a little bit of patience, but you see my art and full time employment have to provide for a life with my girls which I have long awaited so of course I am anxious, excited, and a bit impatient on getting the work in front of audiences.

I do appreciate that I have the drive that seemed to have left me when my mother passed away.  But I am at a point where I want to make some moves.  So far my search has consisted of art galleries in LA, in Orange County, and even closer to home, Costa Mesa, and a very good art spot, Laguna Beach.  Have I called a lot of them? NO, not yet, but I will.  I remind myself every day that it’s for the girls and I will..

Stay Posted


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Will it Repeat?

I entered my painting into the OC County Fair here in Costa Mesa, CA.  I had been advised by many to submit my work to this huge event.  So, after some research I found the application, paid the fee, and entered one of my favorite pieces.  I won’t find out till the 17th of June, 2011 if my piece is accepted. 

Unfortunately, I have the piece in another show so whether the piece gets in or not really makes no difference.  I can’t take the work out of the other show to display it at the fair.  I am curious, however, whether or not my piece is OC Fair material.  I shall soon find out and I will post the result.

Stay Updated…..

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Well I was told about a couple of restaurants by the owner of Vietnam’s Pearl as possibilities to display my art.  Seeing as how I am very gung ho right now about getting my art out there I found the contact information for the restaurant Bistango in Irvine, California.  The contact is a very sweet lady who was nice enough to allow me to bring my pieces in for consideration for the next showing at the restaurant. 

So very excited I took several pieces to her gallery for the owner of Bistango to look at, and to my sad disappointment my art wasn’t the route he wanted to go.  So I got rejected!  I was pretty bummed out because I got the bad news at work.  Of course, I felt discouraged because now I will have a ton of work to bring home. 

Where will this art go now?  It can’t stay at home it needs a place to be seen and enjoyed and even purchased.  My search for venues will continue!  Stay updated…..

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Gloria Soledad

So after having written about my daughter Isabel Victoria, I can’t let another day go by without writing about Gloria.

Gloria is a very special girl, because I consider her my lifesaver.  Not only is Gloria a beautiful, sweet loving mature spirit, but she is came at a time that was very difficult for me.  I found out I was carrying Gloria in the last month of my mother’s life. 

I was able to tell my mom that I was going to have a baby, and that I was going to name her after her.  Of course, it was too soon to know whether or not I was going to have a girl, but something told me that I was.  My mother was very happy and proud to know that she was going to be a grandmother.  In her last days, the very few visitors that she allowed, she expressed how happy she was about that.  It was a bittersweet experience since I knew what was to come.

After my mom’s passing, it was Gloria that gave me a reason to live.  As the month’s went by I held on to whatever strength I had for this new life that would come into my life so soon.  I felt blessed because she gave me a reason to live.  I am forever grateful to my daughter for coming when she did.  I love her with all of my heart and that is why I love to paint her.  She is not only very beautiful, but she inspires me to be strong and fight for life!

My children mean the world to me!  Thats why their faces are so prominent in my collection of portraits!  I love you babies!!!!

Come see their portraits in my portrait gallery at!


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Isabel on Display

Well I’m very proud to say that I took this painting over to Vietnam’s Pearl and will be on display there for a few weeks. 

I have had this painting for many years and absolutely love it.  One of the things that I love so much about being an artist is that I fall in love with my end results.  This painting means so much because so much of my personal experience is in it.  Starting from the time I made my way to Southern California. 

My beautiful girls have always been a part of that so you can see hints of that in the work.

My daughter has such a strong character, you can see in her expression that she’s tough.  I am happy that she can hold her own.  She also has a very beautiful and sensitive heart.  If there is anyone in the world who is forgiving it’s Isabel.  I learn so much from her and my other daughter Gloria.  They both inspire me. 

Look for an article about Gloria coming soon! 

New galleries are coming to

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Megan’s Tree Series will have it’s own gallery on  The new gallery will be available in the next few months.  Please check the site for new information!  In the meantime, work is available for viewing at Vietnam’s Pearl in Costa Mesa!

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Recycled Art

I decided on a new series, it came to me when I started playing with an idea and it didn’t quite work.  There’s nothing worse than having a lot of art that you hate and you are not sure what to do with it.  Normally, I throw it in the nearest dumpster I can find, but I have a wonderful sister who loves everything that I do.  So I feel really bad about tossing my art in the trash. 

For whatever reason, I thought that instead of tossing it I would create more art out of it.  For one, I love color, and I also like to play with several new ideas.  What started as my meditation series has now become my recycled art series. 

I dont know why I judge my own art so harshly, but if I am not totally in love with the final result I just put it in a closet or throw it away.  Seeing as how we have to think about the earth and how everything we waste has an effect on it, I thought why not make more art out of it somehow!  My recycled art series is a by-product of reusing art to make more art!

It may seem silly, but I am having so much fun with the concept.  I can’t wait to put it everywhere.  Besides, who doesn’t love color? Color is the expression of everything, emotions, seasons, groups, alliances, you name it.

Keep an eye out for more recycled art there’s more to come. I love the series.  There will be a recycled art gallery at very soon!


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Goodbye Green Door Gallery

Well today I went to the Green Door Gallery in Santa Ana to pick up my work.  When I walked up to the gallery I noticed that Kathy the owner had my stuff right at the front door so that everyone could see the work as you walked in.  That was very nice and generous of Kathy.  I was sad not to sell any work there, granted I only had my stuff there for a month.  The owner thought that a three month period was necessary to see the work sell.  There’s no telling what could happen, whether you stay a month or six, your art may never sell.  It’s a chance every artist has to take. 

You also have to weigh out whether or not it’s worth it to rent a wall space to get exposure.  I think if regular customers are coming by and the work gets trafficked regularly then it’s worth paying for a rental space.  If you are paying for a space that’s not seen then it may be a waste of money.  So if you’re thinking of renting a wall from a gallery ask about the traffic to the gallery.  Be sure you know how often the gallery owner is around.  Be sure you feel comfortable with the owner, and know you can contact them and communicate with them.  Ask about whether or not they take a commission and be sure to find out how they handle sales. 

In the meantime, I decided to continue my search for other places to display the work.  There’s a few places in the works, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Look for updates to the website coming soon at

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The Latin Quarter Art Exhibit

Wow, who knew I would be showing in a group show so soon!  So out of nowhere I get an email from who knows where that said in the subject line “Extended Deadline…..Artists Wanted…….”  Of course me being me, I jumped all over it.  Although in the email the deadline was the 25th of May, and I received it on the 28th.  I decided to respond anyway.

I called, emailed, and sent an image of two pieces that I wanted to include.  They responded right away and told me that they would review the art and notify me by email if I was accepted to the show.  With my fingers crossed I waited. 

Today, Tuesday the 31st, I was notified by email that I would be included in the show.  My favorite painting in the whole world was accepted!!!!  EXCITING!  I am going to have to drive about 100 miles to get to Ventura, California to get the art there tomorrow, but its worth the effort I am going to make for my girls Gloria and Isabel and my family.

This is a great start to my Southern California art career jump!  If you happen to live in Ventura please come to see the show, if not I will keep you posted of my next artistic stop!!

Artists Wanted

The Latin Quarter Art Exhibit

Exhibit Dates : June 1st to July 13th, 2011

Curator : Julian Vergara

Exhibit Opens:

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Reception and Art Pickup:

Tuesday July 12th, 2011

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Ventura County Arts Council

Atrium Gallery

800 S. Victoria Avenue

Ventura, CA 93009


Thanks to my sister Elida for editing my statement!  Please keep an eye out for updates to the website and more art for sale!


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