Changing It Up

Well the trees continue, it seems as though more ideas for the trees come to my mind.  I came across some trees that I painted on paper in 2004, almost similar in style as the ones that I am painting now, the only difference is that I am using the iridescent paints for them.  So I love the results and I think that as long as I have a canvas I will continue to paint them.  I had the idea to do the trees in soft pastel colors like pinks and purples.  I love that Jacaranda tree, the color is amazing.  I am definaltely using a purple soon!!!  I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I switched things up a bit at Vietnam’s Pearl.  I just took two new pieces and put them in the spot where the little ones were displayed.  They look fantastic and the colors of their walls work well with the colors of my art.  I am excited that I have a place to show as my search for more places continues.

I recently called a few places, looks like I will have to take advice given and show up and make a personal appearance.  I hate having to get in your face but sometimes thats what you have to do.

Congrats to Patrick (restaurant owner) on his wedding, his bride is beautiful.  Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.  Please call me or email for pricing.  My email is or call me at 949-272-6878..Ta ta…Lucia

If you would like to purchase a painting through paypal please click on the link.

If you are in Southern California and want to purchase some art please call me. If you are out of state please click on the link the link to make the purchase.

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New Trees

I just added a couple of new trees to the collection.  I don’t like to take too much time on a painting so I try to make my trees come to life as soon as humanly possible.  I don’t know about most artists, but I am sure some can relate, I don’t like a piece to take too long to complete or I find that it ends up in the closet.  My latest little trees are red with a fantastic green background.  I find that they are very attractive, and I cant live without the sparkles. 

My second tree painting is very similar in style but has two trees instead of one.  This one is still available for sale.  I used the same approach because I love this paint that I’m using that I am not sure I will be able to find again.  It was given to me by my old professor and I LOVE it.  It’s a metallic green acrylic paint that I love to spread on the background and unfortunately I am running out! 

As much as I am trying to make it last by mixing it with silver it’s going to run out soon.  hopefully the right person will fall in love with the new tree pair.

More trees are coming as usual I am in a tree painting mode and the series continues.  Keep an eye out for more trees on Lucias Art Blog, I don’t think that they will make it to, but they will be featured here always!!

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Vietnam’s Pearl

I am very happy to say that I have just hung up four paintings at Vietnam’s Pearl restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.  I was told about this place by a dear friend and after meeting with the restaurant owner Patrick, I was able to successfully hang my worh there today.  On every table is a small bio for patrons to read.  Some new developments have taken place that I am looking forward to sharing with you soon.

If you want to see the work or have some delicious food please go by there and enjoy the comfortable and creative environment. 

Vietnam’s Pearl 714-540-2212

1215 Baker Street #B, Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3901

Art Pricing for the work there is:

8″x 10″ framed trees can be purchased for 120.00

18″x 24″ framed tree can be purchased for 520.00

My prices are firm, contact me for more information at 949.272.6878, or email me at

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Green Door Gallery

Well I am proud to say I am in my first gallery in Orange County.  I found a spot at the Green Door Gallery in the Santora building right off Broadway in the heart of the Santa Ana art scene.  I am very excited despite all the chaos in my life that I am able to show some of my work to the public.

I made the art walk which takes place the first Saturday of every month where I was able to display three of my pieces.  I have all of the work for sale and it can be purchased through the gallery or you can contact me to make the transaction.  I am very excited and hope to sell all the work I have and right away.

If you want to visit the gallery its at 207 North Broadway, in the Santoro Building, Santa Ana, CA 92701, 949-633-4036.

Balboa, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″x 20″ can be purchased unframed for 440.00

The Golden Tree, Megan’s Tree Series, Acrylic on Canvas, 20″x 20″ can be purchased unframed for 440.00

The Golden Tree, Megan’s Tree Series, Acrylic on Canvas , 19″x 47″ can be purchased unframed for 983.00

If you are interested in purchasing any work please feel free to contact me at 949-272-6878.

You can always email me at

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Megan’s Trees

I recently started painting with iridescent paints and I love it!  I owe this to my friend Megan who loves trees.  She wanted to paint one for herself but found it more frustrating than fun.  Seeing that I could paint trees and have painted them in the past, I challenged myself to paint a series of them.

As a result of this personal challenge, I have several trees now looking for places to be displayed.  I am currently looking for galleries to put my art in.  I was in Santa Ana today and I hope that my new pieces will be received well there!  Wish me luck!

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Turning A New Leaf

So I was blogging about art projects and interesting things that people could do with art supplies, but I found that most of the response to that was spam. Plus I also felt pulled in too many directions working, coming up with creative projects, and painting all at the same time.

So I decided to turn a new leaf and make this about my journey to success as a visual artist and what steps Im taking to get my art out there in Southern California. I hope I can keep up. I have a lot of stuff going on like my full time job, looking for a new place to live, and still working towards my art career, which I’ve never given up on.

Hope you’ll follow along and see the ways to do the same for yourself.

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Art Center of New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico was a surprisingly fun excursion after the holiday weekend.  I thought that I would share my trip because there was so much Fine Art to take in.  Unfortunately, for the short amount of time that we were there we only got a surface glance of all of the art work there.

When we arrived we stayed at the beautiful house of our parents very old friends from way back.  They asked what we wanted to do and the first thing I said was “lets go see art!”

We made our way to town, and our first stop was the famous Canyon Road.  Canyon Road has art galleries all along the both sides of the of the street.  We found that there was art from all over the globe on this very road.  But the art wasn’t just there, it was everywhere.

Wiford Gallery was our first stop.  There was a huge yard in the front of the gallery where they had an amazing selection of sculptures.

Some of the sculptures were designed to make music in the wind. 

Others were designed to catch the wind and move with it.  While others were there to capture the effects of the shimmering sunlight.

There was so much to see in such little time that we had to keep moving.  As much as I love shiny objects we kept walking.  The next place we passed was the Hahn Ross Gallery.  The most amazing thing about this gallery was life size man napping outside.

As we moved along the road we came across more and more amazing art!  It seemed endless and totally inspiring!

There was too much to share on Canyon Road, and I wish that I could somehow add every image from the trip.  But I think that you somehow get the idea of the abundance of creative works on one road!

Another, notable stop was a place called Ghost Ranch.  On our way out of the Plaza we drove by and had to stop to get a look at some of the amazing sculptures in front of the building.

For a day trip, not including our stop at a nature rescue center, my daughters and I sure got our fill of art.  Our trip was very enjoyable and I hoped to go back again to see more.  Maybe even show and sell my work there. 

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful pictures.

Come check out some awesome art at!!!


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Painterly Pencils

As fun as it is to make create imagery with colored pencils, it seems as if more could be done with this media.  Of course when you are working with them you can definately use them to create very vibrant drawings. 

If you take your time your drawing can be layered with super rich and vibrant color. 

There are several different brands of colored pencils to choose from, but for our project I decided to buy a decent quality brand that wasn’t too costly.  When I went shopping, I found these pencils and wanted to give them a try.  These are made by a German company called Lyra.  The pencils retailed at 4.99 and came with a bonus pencil sharpener!  That was a very nice feature.  Another nice quality, is that these pencils have been shaped with a special grip.  As you can see they have circles carved throughout.

The idea for this project is to make the color from the pencil more painterly.  By that I mean, working with the lead to create the feel of a painting rather than a drawing, or a combination of the two. 

For our project the supplies are simple all you will need are cotton swabs, watercolor paper, your colored pencils, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a piece of masonite or glass, and blue masking tape. 

A note about the paper.  This pad I chose specifically, because it was on sale.  Secondly, the size is a standard size that can easily be framed.  Finally, the paper is quite sturdy with a rough surface.  I found that the paper did not easily wear out.

The very first step in beginning this project is to tape your paper down to your masonite.  As I have demonstrated in previous articles, make sure that the tape is securely on the paper and that it covers at least a quarter of an inch all the way around.

Once your paper is secure, you can begin to make your drawing.  Draw whatever you like, the possibilites are endless.  For my project I decided to work with a few still lifes.  I grabbed whatever objects I had around the house and set them up in a place that I could see them easily.  My daughters created imagery that they had in their minds.

When drawing be sure to notice the coloring in your object.  You want to be sure to incorporate as many visible colors as possible. 

Don’t be afraid to look at your object, and really add color where you see it. 

Where you see areas that have darker shadows use the colors that match.  Where you see areas that have lighter colors do the same.

Once you have added the first layers, you can prepare to use your alcohol.  Grab a container and pour in a small amount of alcohol.  For this project, I used a metal measuring cup.  Take a cotton swab, place it in the alcohol and begin to rub your drawing.

It does’t matter where you begin, you can begin in an area where the color is darker and work your way to where the colors are lighter.  Use a clean cotton swab in the areas where the colors are lighter to preserve the colors.

As you can see, when you apply the alcohol to the drawing the color will spread and blend together.  This creates the color wash resembling a painting. 

Once you have fully covered the surface of your paper, allow your drawing to dry thoroughly. 

After the painting is completely dry, add another layer of color to the entire drawing.  This will make the colors more rich, and more lively.  Repeat the steps with the alcohol until you feel satisfied with your drawing.  Allow your drawing to dry completely.  Remove the tape, and you have a beautiful painterly drawing

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Come become a fan on facebook! I’d love to meet you!!!!

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Spray Bottles

There’s a lot of fun and interesting ways to approach art.  Traditionally we could use paintbrushes and pallets, of course thats typically how I do it.  But, whenever you can, take an opportunity to try something new.

In this article we are going to experiment with applying paint with a spray bottle.  It’s a lot of fun and very easy to do.  The cost is low and you could do several creative art pieces with this method.

All you need is paper for painting, a piece of glass, a few different paints, the colors are of your choosing, masking tape, water, a thin stick, and some paper towels. 

For my spray bottles I chose a four ounce bottle by a company called Stampendous.  They specialize in stamping products and art.   This bottle retailed at 1.99.

Another type of bottle that I found that worked quite well were the mini misters by Inkssentials.  These bottles are quite small and retailed at 4.99.  Small bottles can be found at any local craft store.

Once you have prepared your working area with a protective covering and all of your supplies.  You are ready to get started.

As you can see from the video demonstration, the more water you add to your paint the more transparent the color is.  This is a good quality because, you can work your way up to more opaque colors.  By Opaque I mean richer more vibrant colors. 

Start with very transparent colors in the beginning and add more paint to your water as you go along.  This will give a very nice layered look.

Another good tip for this approach is to start with a lighter color such as a yellow or a beige, and work your way up to darker colors.  Continue to add colors as you see that your paint is beginning to dry.

As you can see here on the left, by gradually adding more color to your water the color gets richer.

Take a paper towel and wipe along the edges of your masking tape to keep a puddle from accumulating.

In the next picture I added a brown color to one of the bottles.

As you can see the darker color sits nicely below the rich reds that have been added underneath.

After the paint has dried a bit it becomes easier to see the the way that the colors work together.

Another note, notice how the paper warped immediately after the paint was applied.  This is very typical, when working with paint on paper.  If you add the tape to the sides, then I guarantee that your paper will dry completely flat.

Now you have a cool background that you can continue to spray with more layers of paint or you can take a small paintbrush and add imagery with other colors.  Its up to you, do whatever because it’s art and it’s supposed to be fun!!

Have fun with it! 

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Cleaning and Framing Tip

I have mentioned this in previous articles, but I thought to dedicate a moment to revisit this topic again. I work in framing and I have had to put together orders for customers on more than one occassion. Working with framing is an art in itself.  You have to take into consideration many different factors.

When it comes time to adding the glass to the frame, I highly recommend rubbing alcohol as the cleaning agent for your glass. It works equally as well as most glass cleaners, and evaporates immediately.  It is also highly recommended for museum glass.

If you are framing art at home, carefully remove the glass from the frame.  Clean your glass with rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth or paper towel.  Use the paper towel to hold the glass, to avoid adding new fingerprints to your clean side and carefully clean the other side.  Lay the glass over the matted art work, look at the work and the glass and make sure that there are no specs of dust or lint on the glass or the mat.  If so lift the glass again and gently wipe the lint away with a paper towel.

This step may have to be repeated a few times, since dust will somehow appear out of nowhere.  Clean as many times necessary until it is completely clear.  Next, take the frame and place it gently over the top of the glass and the mat together.  With your hands, push the mat and the glass into the frame from the bottom. 

Once they are in the frame securely flip the frame over and begin to close.  Once closed your piece should look immaculate.  All you need to do is add your hangers and VOILA, your ready to hang your beautiful art.

Look for more framing tips coming up!

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